What’s your favorite Halo game?

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What’s your favorite Halo game?

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× 3 (7.32%) Halo: Combat Evolved

× 5 (12.20%) Halo 2

× 11 (26.83%) Halo 3

× 1 (2.44%) Halo Wars

× 5 (12.20%) Halo 3: ODST

× 5 (12.20%) Halo: Reach

× 1 (2.44%) Halo 4

× 1 (2.44%) Halo 5: Guardians

× 0 (0%) Halo Wars 2

× 4 (9.76%) Halo: Infinite

× 2 (4.88%) never played a Halo game before

× 3 (7.32%) don’t care poll please

  • Added 05-22-2023 01:19 AM
  • 41 votes
“Dear Humanity... We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!”
Pretty sure that some of these aren’t going to get many votes, if any, but we’ll see. There’s usually a surprise of some kind in these poll results.
I’m usually surprised by the results of my polls and this is no exception.

I expected the real competition to be between Halo 2 and Halo 3 and obviously that didn’t happen. Nice to see ODST getting some love, I’ve always thought that was the most refreshing and unique entry in the series.

As much as I loved Halo 3 multiplayer, for me this comes down to Halo: CE or Halo 2. Combat Evolved was hugely influential and holds up to this day, but ultimately I have to give the edge to Halo 2.
I voted for the only one I actually played solo... (I am not sure I ever even finished 4 in Co-Op or even tried 5...)
I voted for the only one I actually played solo... (I am not sure I ever even finished 4 in Co-Op or even tried 5...)
Originally Posted by futiles
Co-op was the only way I could get through 4 without falling asleep. I just didn’t care about the story and the new enemies are obnoxious to fight. Played through it on Legendary with 2 friends, and that was a real challenge at points.

At a few points we had one person hang back and just serve as a spawn point because we kept dying.
Infinite is the only one I enjoyed. Any others were just playing because of lack of Co-Op options at the time.
The ending for Halo:Reach will haunt me forever.
halo 3 most nostalgic, but I liked the missions as well as gameplay the most in halo 4
As someone who is a hypocrite and really dislikes halo, when having most of them completed.

I ACTUALLY like the Spartan Assualt/Strike games

If Halo "Main" Games, I'd go Halo Wars in a heartbeat
I know Reach upset some people with bloom and abilities, but it was Bungie's best work overall, and i spent a lot of time with Forge, both building and playing creations with friends
Halo ODST all the way, that jazzy feeling, the nocturne environment in the streets, the loneliness of the game is just really well done. Love that game.
I have amazing memories of all the Halo games, up to and including Reach. After that, it gets a bit shit. Halo 5 I played through once, Infinite I think I've done one main mission.

But for me the final vote goes to 3.

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