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I figured it's about time for us to create a new thread so we can all highlight games that we just completed here in 2022.

The previous thread was over 100 pages long and started up in 2014 so let's try to organize a new thread for each year moving forward.

So you guys know the drill. What game did you just complete?


I just completed:
Lost Snowmen

Super easy and quick completion to start the year for me. 👍
The Wolf Among Us
Mushroom Quest
Mushroom Savior
Gardener's Path
Brotherhood United
Aery- Sky Castle
Aery- A Journey Beyond Time
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
Project Starship
Super Destronaut: Land Wars
Storm Boy; #1
Bullet Beat (Xbox One); #2
ReactorX (Xbox One); #3
Butterfly (Xbox One); #4 - Xbox One Completion #4
Game Completion #5
Xbox One Completion #5
Completion #6
Xbox One Completion #6
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Monster Jam: Steel Titans
Game Completion #7
Xbox One Completion #7
50 Years (Xbox One)
Completion #8
Xbox One Completion #8
Butterfly 2 (Xbox One)
Completion #9
Xbox One Completion #9
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth
Completion #10
Xbox 360 Completion #1
50 Years (Windows)
Completion #11
Windows Completion #1
Elea - Episode 1
Truck Racing Championship

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