Have you made / will you make a New Year's Resolution for 2023?

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New Year's Resolution for 2023?

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× 2 (7.69%) Yes, I always keep my resolutions

× 6 (23.08%) Yes, I hope I keep it this year

× 10 (38.46%) No, resolutions are dumb

× 8 (30.77%) I don't care, I just want a poll.

  • Added 12-31-2022 09:03 PM
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Happy New Year's everybody.

With the clock ticking down (or for some of you, with the new year already upon you) I'm wondering who's making a New Year's Resolution for 2023?

Just a reminder that a resolution need not be for good. Go ahead, make an evil resolution, it's ok. Lol
I don’t typically make resolutions. The wife and I have been talking about plans for this year that we want to do. Maybe that’s considered the same thing?

The past year was filled with rebuilding a house and that caused us to miss out on fun outdoor activities that we like to do so this year since we have the house livable - but not 100% complete, we want to spend more time outdoors and being active that way than just manual labor on a house or things that need fixing.
I hope to be more tolerant tolerable.

Wife fixed that for me.
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I think a resolution made on days other than January 1st is more likely to be kept.

A Jan 1st change is too forced by societal expectation, rather than desire to do things differently.

Happy New Year Smile

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