Genre of your favourite music artist?


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My favourite artist or band is mostly...

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× 0 (0%) Pop

× 5 (25.00%) Rock

× 4 (20.00%) Metal

× 0 (0%) R&B

× 1 (5.00%) Hip-hop

× 0 (0%) Rap

× 1 (5.00%) Dance

× 0 (0%) Indie

× 1 (5.00%) Classical

× 0 (0%) Techno

× 1 (5.00%) New Wave

× 1 (5.00%) Blues

× 2 (10.00%) Country

× 1 (5.00%) Synth

× 0 (0%) Soundtrack

× 3 (15.00%) Other

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A nice, easy poll for a nice lazy Sunday.

What's your favourite music artist's genre of music? You can only pick one, because I'm mean :P

I realize there are subgenres and all kinds of descriptive tags these days, but I'm sticking with the basic, catch-all terms.

Purely a curiosity!

For me, it's Metal. Maiden are my all-time favourite band, but I love Disturbed as well, Cradle of Filth and a bit of Marilyn Manson, Iced Earth (although Schaefer's a dick)...

I tend to be a fan of artists rather than genres, but it happens that my favourite band is as heavy metal band, so there we go.

Aside from that, I'm a big fan of non-metal female artists: Björk I've followed for decades, as I have Tori Amos. I love Florence + The Machine, Bat for Lashes, and I have a lot of time for the live, piano performances of Lady Gaga.

But what about you?

My overall favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. I also enjoy Rap/Hip-Hop and Metal.
My "favorite" changes from time to time, but I primarily listen to country (rock would be my #2, though I listen to most genres). However, my favorite country songs/artists are the ones that blend the genres. Such as Cowboy Troy; Jason Aldean; Big & Rich, etc.
I can dig almost any genre, but boy do I lean into Heavy Metal. Some of my favorites off the top of my head are Iron Maiden, Van Halen, U2 (Not Heavy Metal), Volbeat, Metallica, Megadeath, Guns & Roses.

Least favorite genres would have to be Jazz or Country, although I can get into some Johnny Cash. So Jazz is the worst.

I am also a huge fan of soundtracks with John Williams being the at the top of that list.

I also really like covers done by other artists. Some really great ones that I have enjoyed have come from Post Modern Jukebox. They have taken crap & mediocre songs and made them listenable & entertaining.

Here is a classic example, Barbie Girl (Yes that dumb song/or guilty pleasure) done in a Vintage Beach Boys Style Aqua Cover ft. Morgan James (What a voice)

Here is a classic example, Barbie Girl (Yes that dumb song/or guilty pleasure) done in a Vintage Beach Boys Style Aqua Cover ft. Morgan James (What a voice)
Originally Posted by MarvzMitts
That was amazing (or should I say "fantastic")! I've always loved seeing genre mashups and/or songs sung in a different style; that's one of the reasons I used to do those silly "Multiverse Music" polls Lol
The bit where she was supposed to be a theremin was amazing Big Grin
Synthwave is my jam, but I've also been listening to quite a bit of Vaporwave and I've fallen in love with the genre. Both sound very nostalgic, and even though I wasn't born in the 80s, I grew up listening to a lot of 80s music. Today's music is definitely trash if you ask me. You got all these rappers and hip hoppers that just all say the same thing.
I prefer the Rammstein Barbie Girl myself, if we're doing crossovers.
Originally Posted by Dacoto
Not bad, I liked it, I would of wanted to see them actually perform it tho.
Just got back from Nightwish. It was good! I told Floor I wanted to drink her bath water.
My favorite band doesn't really have a genre. Faith No More has done polkas, metal, glam rock, instrumentals, funk, rock, new wave...

That is kind of what makes them my favorite.

Although, The Misfits are straight punk, and they are basically my other favorite.

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