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  1. Walkthroughs
  2. Better Challenge representation.
  3. Additional Progress Tracking
  4. Need a Badge Forum...
  5. Completion Percentage???
  6. Leader board notifications...
  7. Completed Set default to leave a copy of messages in my sent folder
  8. Notification on comment on something I commented on...
  9. Completed Spoiler tags
  10. Best Week Ever IV?
  11. Badge Team
  12. Suggested friend and game session feature
  13. Another Leaderboard option
  14. Comments on Leaderboard pages
  15. "Like" or "upvote" for threads and/or posts
  16. WP Forums
  17. Planned Sync this Game for me Option
  18. Challenge Tracking
  19. Friends Leaderboard
  20. Method to report badge problems
  21. Ability to rate dlc
  22. Tag Users in Posts/comments
  23. Add to collection on games tab
  24. Under Review Friend sub groups
  25. Completed Unlocked/Secret tile submissions
  26. Planned comments on activity feed
  27. Add to Collection functionality
  28. Collections - Join to see what games I've played
  29. Started Forum filters
  30. Planned Improve member not found link/page
  31. Under Review Recent profile visitors
  32. Remove zero gamerscore games from completion stats
  33. Started Site Pie Charts
  34. game of the week badge
  35. Achievement Filters as Site-wide Setting
  36. Planned Compare with feature
  37. Under Review "Working on" or "Goals" option for badges?
  38. Planned Birthday Banner?
  39. Original XBOX games?
  40. Videos on Profiles
  41. Under Review Grouping and options for secret achievements
  42. Planned Not Completed Unless DLC is
  43. Steam Sync
  44. Widget on Achievement Page for People who Completed
  45. Completed Alien Isolation - Add Game
  46. Completed Show All Challenges
  47. Under Review Games Tab / Playing Option
  48. My Badge Progress Sticky
  49. Expiration on Forum Posts for Deals
  50. Completed Policy change
  51. Planned Achievement comments or game help page.
  52. Mass Comments?
  53. Started Milestones (Stats and Leaderboards)
  54. Planned My Collection Notes
  55. Completed Badge Tab & Rank
  56. Started Reviews vs Ratings in Game Reviews
  57. Completed Games Completed on Stats Page
  58. Completed You have this badge / Game X
  59. Completed Forum Ads
  60. GTN Ambassadors or community experts?
  61. Started Reviews hard to find
  62. Completed (i love this game) badge
  63. Completed New forum setting(s)?
  64. Completed profile viewing counter and badges!
  65. New Flash Mob Badges
  66. Planned Steam achievement tracking
  67. Completed Current Position on the Badge LB
  68. Planned In My Collection
  69. Planned New Category for Video submissions
  70. A way to report who referred you
  71. Completed Update achievements retroactively
  72. Test Forum (or thread)
  73. Completed Pie chart for Gamerscore by platform
  74. Completed Forum Signature
  75. Completed Stats BETA
  76. Dedicated news feed page
  77. Completed Secret Achievements Idea
  78. Leaderboards Idea
  79. Badges For Updating Missing Icons For Achievements
  80. Planned Gaming Sessions
  81. Leaderboard Tie breakers
  82. Ratings in posts
  83. Planned Page banners
  84. Started "Filters by Release Date" in Games
  85. List of all badge ideas already mentioned
  86. Completed Badges related to other badges
  87. Completed Site Idea...
  88. Under Review Additional Options
  89. Completed Referrer Link not cut & pastable
  90. Completed Filter achievements without DLC
  91. Under Review Playstation sub-forum in Gaming forum section?
  92. Completed Progress bar for Anniversary badges
  93. Completed Filters on our Activity Feed
  94. Collections Idea
  95. Badges Forum
  96. Completed Disable posts to feed?
  97. Under Review Subscribed Threads
  98. Duplicate Trophy Case Idea
  99. Under Review Filter persistance
  100. friends only thread
  101. Planned 100% leaderboards for games
  102. Completed Another Forum Idea:
  103. New Creativity Forum
  104. Completed Another Idea:
  105. update button or tab
  106. Started Highlighting locked achievements in your profile
  107. Planned Badge Idea: Day One
  108. Planned Genre leaderboards?
  109. Planned Achievement Filter
  110. Completed F1 Racing All Stars
  111. Planned Here's an idea:
  112. Planned Commenting on Collections
  113. Premium Member Title
  114. Movie Badges??
  115. Completed badge artisan
  116. Planned Easier to rate games
  117. Leaderboard idea
  118. Steam Sync
  119. Completed Achievement rarity
  120. Planned Profile Customization?
  121. easy quick tabs
  122. API/XML Feeds
  123. Under Review Updating Secret Achievements/Achievement Images
  124. Badge Request For "The Walking Dead"
  125. Badge Suggestion - We are the 1%
  126. Feature Suggestion - Game Progression Bar Colors
  127. Different viewing options for badges
  128. Declined Such Great Site.. Not much of a logo!
  129. Compare Badges Planned?
  130. Design your own badge competition
  131. Completed Feature Request First to play
  132. Completed twitch.tv
  133. Planned Auto-Rule application for Collections
  134. Completed friends recently complted--feature
  135. Completed Thought bomb! feature request
  136. Planned comment all friends tab
  137. feature idea
  138. Completed First Completion Counter
  139. Badge Idea
  140. idea?
  141. Under Review like button?
  142. Planned Feature Request
  143. Completed Friend Rated Games - Feature Request
  144. Feature request (new users)
  145. Planned Feature Request
  146. Completed Add to Trophy Case Feature
  147. Under Review idea?
  148. Badge request (Day ONE Player)
  149. Completed Badge Request - Gearhead
  150. Under Review Please post all new badge ideas here
  151. Badge idea
  152. Completed Badge Idea - Brains!
  153. Completed bright idea game tracker
  154. Badge Idea
  155. Completed Badge request (El presidente)
  156. Under Review background colors
  157. Completed badge suggestion ( lab rat)
  158. Started feature request
  159. Completed Badge request mancard revoked badge
  160. Planned Badge request Flagship Badge
  161. Completed feature request
  162. Badge Request *SBD*
  163. Badge Request *Yo ho ho* or *Arrr*
  164. Completed Badge Request *Turtle Power*
  165. Declined badge request
  166. Under Review New Feature
  167. Completed Badge Request *Hoonigan*
  168. Completed Badge request (DDR Fan)
  169. Planned Feature Request
  170. Completed badge request; I want to go fast!
  171. Completed Feature Request Trophy Case Filter
  172. Completed Badge Request *Kamehameha*
  173. Under Review Feature Request Ability to post a blog
  174. Completed Badge Request *Boom he's on his back*
  175. Completed Badge Request *The Need for Speed*
  176. Completed Badge Request *Tomb Raided*
  177. Completed Badge Request *Get over Here*
  178. Under Review Website rank system
  179. Completed Badge Request ( Bioshocked)
  180. Completed Badge Request (Jill Sandwich)
  181. Completed Badge Request
  182. Planned Badge Request
  183. Completed badge suggestion (guts n ruts}
  184. Completed badge suggestion (forum guru)
  185. Completed badge suggestion (bobbleheads galore)
  186. Completed Badge Suggestion "Big Game Hunter"
  187. Started Badge Suggesstion
  188. Completed Order Player Achievements by Rarity
  189. Started Games completed request
  190. new game rating system
  191. Find players thread
  192. Completed Leaderboard Activity
  193. Planned Challenge Week Competition?
  194. Planned Enthusiast badge changes
  195. Started Add comment feature to User Activities
  196. Completed Postbit Gamerscore?
  197. Planned Gamercards for Other Sites?
  198. Completed World of Tanks Beta Badge
  199. Completed more Overachiever badges
  200. Completed completion badges
  201. Declined How many hours you play?
  202. Completed 2 new features
  203. Completed Can we post videos?
  204. Planned Gamercard for Other Sites
  205. Planned Homepage
  206. Completed Display Newest Achievements
  207. Planned What feature do you wish was available on GTN?
  208. Completed Completion Rate