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  1. New Feature - Badge Creator Names
  2. Sort by Region
  3. Features
  4. Expand Top of the Pops Badge?
  5. May 2017 sprint
  6. Under Review New Leaderboard Type
  7. milestone achievements
  8. Planned Expand on genre stats
  9. Planned Filter New Releases by Platform
  10. Pins
  11. Your Achievement Guide Marker
  12. Started Enthusiast badge & server time
  13. Completed Expand Student Athlete Badge
  14. Live Events/Meetup Forum
  15. A blogging System or a Personal planning style area.
  16. Started Feature Clarification - New Privacy Settings
  17. Under Review Let me Tweet that review
  18. Completed Top Reviewers & Top Rated Reviewers Links
  19. Under Review Support tie-breaker orders on customer leaderboards
  20. Planned dlc packs in activity feed
  21. Planned Dark theme toggle option
  22. Completed Custom Leaderboard type
  23. Under Review Popup disable for mail notification
  24. Under Review Doesn't this game belong in this series?
  25. Planned Another Comparison Option for DLC
  26. Game Review Comments in My Activity Feed
  27. Started Add a Badge Tab to Showcase
  28. Completed Add MOBA Genre
  29. Duplicate Best Year & Week Trackers
  30. Under Review Show number of unread posts
  31. Unlocked by X number players in List View
  32. The Rarest of them all
  33. Under Review Badges awarded to also show on applicable game page feed?
  34. Planned Badge Filter
  35. Completed Game Region Filter
  36. Completed Start tracking MS-designated "Rare Achievements"
  37. Chat Room?
  38. Discontinued achievements filter
  39. Price List on DLC & Season Passes
  40. Season Pass Notation
  41. Games with Season Passes Filter
  42. Support for Tapatalk
  43. Completed All Achievement Filter Options on unstarted games
  44. Knowledge Base
  45. Automated PM for BC Games?
  46. Merge game forums?
  47. GTN Podcast
  48. This Server Is Shut...
  49. Xbox Live Status
  50. Show me the contents of a friend's showcase link
  51. Request Sync Notification (Premium Members)
  52. Ticket System
  53. BBCode Achievement Request
  54. Streak Leaderboards
  55. My Series Leaderboard Under Leaderboards
  56. Game Series Leaderboard Totals
  57. Planned Game Sales Sort
  58. Under Review Member of the Month
  59. Completed Game Series Leaderboards?
  60. Games Team/Person
  61. Put E3 on Homepage?
  62. Ability to add XBOX One videos
  63. Pinned thread for badge problems
  64. View Completion Rate % on Game Series Pages
  65. Add All filtered achievemetns to my To Do List
  66. Showcase your favorite challenges
  67. Challenges by Rarity
  68. Planned Add a "Walkthrough" for games
  69. Display up/down votes on our guides in our feeds
  70. Change to conversation nesting
  71. Planned Find me on the Games Leaderboards
  72. Under Review Changelog Feedback
  73. Under Review Commented / Someone made a comment notification
  74. Calendar or Schedule
  75. Like Ability
  76. Declined Add Friend Feature
  77. Planned A Pending Video List
  78. A link for the game you just created in your feed
  79. A path back to unlocked achievements for guide writters
  80. Completed Pinned Activity
  81. Declined Badge Sort by Progress
  82. Planned Community Night Section
  83. Declined Game Badge Submission & Implementation
  84. My guides in the Achievement Tab
  85. Notifications
  86. Staff Page Upgrade
  87. Under Review Single player vs. Multiplayer gamer score...
  88. Achievement Progression
  89. Leaderboard Discussion
  90. Completed How many video have been added.
  91. Under Review Wish List / Feed
  92. Under Review Badge Sorting
  93. Declined Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Map's Forum Page
  94. DLC feature request
  95. Game Series Page
  96. Going Premium 2x
  97. Completed Backwards Compatible Listing
  98. Completed DIV Lock in the top grey title bar of site.
  99. Completed Member Directory
  100. Planned Streamline adding games to a custom collection
  101. Completed Add a link from Site Badges to Leaderboard
  102. Player Stats on Game Page
  103. Completed Supporting a Nation badges.
  104. Ability to view locked achievements in my achievement list
  105. Sort my guides by votes
  106. Completed Viewing preferences for achievement lists
  107. Reorder the Challenges Tabs
  108. The Never Ending List of Suggestions
  109. Under Review Missing from Friend Leaderboard Oversight
  110. Under Review Forum Improvements
  111. Planned Achievement Guide comments
  112. My Stats section reflect my time zone setting
  113. Xbox Live Status
  114. Completed Have an area where we can quickly and easily rate all our unrated games with 1 click?
  115. Badge for visiting the site on Gamertag Nation's birthday?
  116. Game achievement % completion in the Feed summation
  117. Anniversary Badges
  118. Code Drop
  119. The ability to like / comment on activity feed
  120. Planned Leaderboard for each country
  121. How about a Obituaries sub forum in Entertainment?
  122. Achievement Hunting Team
  123. Planned Sharing Stats
  124. Completed What are your locked badges worth
  125. Planned Game DVR Chips & Screenshots
  126. # of Pending friend requests
  127. Completed Popular Leaderboards & Growing Competition
  128. Leaderboard forum
  129. Completed Show Locked Achievements
  130. Nintendo Network ID
  131. Monthly Competitions
  132. Under Review Gamerscore
  133. Started Recent Games Drop Down to 10
  134. Completed Bring back the Collections link
  135. Game Tagging
  136. Add # of Games in the % Site Leaderboad
  137. Completed My Achievement Solutions
  138. Display Start date on Enthusiast Badges
  139. Completed Edit Video Titles after they have been posted
  140. Who is broadcasting on Twitch
  141. Broadcasting on Twitch
  142. Badge Filter Consistency
  143. Completed Slight change for Fallout game series?
  144. Badge description when you hover over the badge
  145. New review filters
  146. Completion Bars
  147. Show My Threads in Each Forum
  148. Nothing in a collection
  149. Barbie and her Sisters Puppy Rescue - Mancard Revoke Badge
  150. Genre Badges 2.0
  151. Insert YouTube in the Your Post Toolbar
  152. Permanent Removal From New Posts
  153. Games I haven't played
  154. Display Collections in Completed Games
  155. Completed Display Collections by Updated
  156. View Date for Leaderboards
  157. Planned Comments Showcase
  158. Planned Find New on Leaderboards
  159. Planned Badges
  160. Expanding our Favorite Genres & Favorite Companies
  161. Under Review What games do friends want help with
  162. The Secret World of Gaming
  163. Completed Block multiple/repeated Friend Requests
  164. Add an achievement comment/solution from your profile feed
  165. Completed Limited list of referrals
  166. Upcoming Anniversary
  167. Members Not New on My Leaderboard
  168. "General Site Discussion" forum
  169. Completed Need activity feed filter for achievement comments
  170. Comment Tally on Game Pages
  171. One Click Signature Edit
  172. TA GamerCards
  173. Solutions & Comments for Profile Overview
  174. Solutions in the Explore Drop Down Menu
  175. Game Title in Recently Commented
  176. Completed Pretty please, with sugar on top
  177. Possible solution to minimize abuse
  178. Completed Rich text in commenting system
  179. adding achievements to to do and showcase lists
  180. Completed Recently Added Badges Page
  181. Right Column Todo List Display
  182. Completed The new achievement comments.
  183. More site specific metrics visible in stats
  184. Resize your Profile Background
  185. Gamercards
  186. Completed Compare Badges with a Friend
  187. Declined Comments Around the Site
  188. RSS for...
  189. Seeing Friends Locked Badges
  190. Locked Badge Totals
  191. A Gamer has joined your Leaderboard
  192. Achievements unlocked that can collapse into one item on our feed
  193. Platform Breakdown in Completed Games
  194. Who Else Loves This Game?
  195. Completed New Game - King's Quest
  196. Needs a FAQ
  197. Progress Bar
  198. Our Leaderboards
  199. What are the chances?
  200. Store Locator
  201. More 'Rankings' when creating leaderboards
  202. Quick to Top of page link? Or shortcut to Unread Posts
  203. Filters Changed?
  204. Add weekly to Stats page
  205. Badges View
  206. Skip to last page while in thread.
  207. Skip to last post button
  208. DLC Information
  209. Friends online status on our profiles
  210. Youtube button on Forums
  211. Completed Padawan Badge
  212. Address Book
  213. Activity notifications
  214. Staff titles
  215. Planned Leaderbaord Search Engine
  216. MotM request
  217. Social Connections
  218. stats for hours played
  219. Buy/Sell/Trade
  220. Five Year Club Badge
  221. Bump up the Session Timeout to 30 minutes
  222. Game session feature for xbox 360/xbox1
  223. Declined Ability to embed photos and Youtube on wall feed
  224. Under Review Filters for Achievement Types on main page under the Games Tab.
  225. Removing Gamerscore cheaters?
  226. Upcoming Challenges
  227. Blogs.
  228. Achievement Guide
  229. Improved post viewer on profiles
  230. Do we need site leaderboards for....
  231. Completed European currency
  232. An idea on Collections and Leaderboards
  233. Need a Mine Mine option for Leaderboards
  234. Declined Best Week Ever
  235. ALL DLC Packs Filter
  236. Profanity filter
  237. Challenges By Rarity
  238. Declined Brandon White delete my Basic Information
  239. Completed Carriage returns in comments
  240. What new feature would be the best to work on....
  241. Site login streak counter
  242. TrueAchievements Xbox One App is Available, GN app is possible?
  243. Achievement Sort Order
  244. Oval to better display Staff member's title?
  245. Glitched Achivement Labels
  246. Summer of Arcade
  247. User sign up process
  248. Retro gaming forum
  249. Badges in Trophy Case
  250. Limit the Number of Threads Started by a User per Day