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  1. Logged Birthday Gamer - Retroactive
  2. Resolved Site REALLY slow
  3. Badge Issue - Twitter'd
  4. Resolved Badge Issue - Rockin' and Rollin'
  5. Possible Activity Feed issue
  6. Resolved missing badges
  7. (badge) best week ever
  8. Resolved Forum counts misleading at best
  9. Resolved Incorrect timestamps (affects streak)
  10. Resolved Polling Station Badge V issue
  11. Resolved App achievements not counting
  12. Fast & Furious Achievement Bug?
  13. Resolved 1 achievement not syncing up properly
  14. Resolved Grand Slam badge not awarded
  15. Resolved Repeatable 404
  16. Logged Duplicate Profiles
  17. Resolved Filter: Sort by Rarity is inconsistent
  18. Logged Xbox One data will not sync
  19. Resolved One Year Badge Progress Tracker
  20. Missing Badges
  21. Resolved Leaderboards Request issue
  22. Efficient Gamer Issue
  23. Tales from the Borderlands Episodes??
  24. Duplicate Posts
  25. Activity not updating
  26. Destiny Awaits Badge
  27. We Love You Too
  28. Resolved Apptastic
  29. Resolved Stats Differences
  30. Resolved Kameo DLC not properly represented
  31. How Are New Games Added?
  32. Homepage: incorrect information
  33. Extra Badge
  34. Site not tracking Xbox One games for me
  35. Adding Games to Collections
  36. Info Needed Problems with referral tracker
  37. Resolved New App Achievements Tracks
  38. Game completion date incorrect
  39. Resolved Embeded Youtube in forums
  40. My signature
  41. Resolved Synchronization stuck at 99%
  42. Missing badges
  43. Logged Layout forum
  44. Logged "view more comments" in feed erroring.
  45. Resolved Cool Name, Bro.
  46. Achievement issue
  47. Resolved Xbox One not fully synced
  48. World of Tanks Achievement error
  49. Resolved Incorrect sums in Activity Feed
  50. Minor Issue with Profile and Badges.
  51. Badge not unlocked
  52. missing badge
  53. Resolved Cant comment in my profile
  54. Halo:MC Collection - Inconsistent achievement total
  55. Can't comment on challenges and...
  56. Updated thread not showing up
  57. Incorrect times for achievements unlocked by week/hour
  58. Toybox Turbos
  59. One Year Club badge
  60. Cannot delete comments from feed
  61. Badges haven't unlocked
  62. Resolved Badges didn't unlock
  63. New Xbox One not syncing
  64. Resolved Magic 2015 not syncing
  65. Main page login
  66. Logged Kinect Sports Rivals Challenges error
  67. Quotation marks not properly displayed in Review previews
  68. Achievement feed often incorrect
  69. What bugs are really bugging you?
  70. Resolved Comments in activity feed out of order
  71. Premium Request Sync and regular scans
  72. I believe I am missing some badges.
  73. Problem With Achievements Sync?
  74. Sync, Sync, why wont it sync!!!!
  75. Resolved Review links broken
  76. Resolved Link wrongh on Xbox One Forum (Menu)
  77. Info Needed Facebook Page on Profile
  78. Logged Project Spark / Windows 8
  79. Videos Submited....
  80. Info Needed Missing Badges :-(
  81. my achievement count is wrong
  82. Game missing from Doritos series
  83. Missing chevos causing me to miss 10,000 in a week badge
  84. Resolved Questionable math
  85. Marvel-ous Badge Not Unlocking
  86. Badge not unlocking?
  87. Resolved Rarity on Achievements
  88. Game missing from "Lord of the Rings" series listing
  89. FAQ not available?
  90. Games with DLC show as fully completed despite missing cheevos
  91. Logged instagram
  92. Resolved Secrets & Treasure (WP)
  93. Resolved 8th generation gamer tracking...
  94. Resolved Upcoming Birthdays... Ptart is really turning 29...
  95. Logged King of Kinect & Kinect Sports Rivals
  96. Resolved I have a bunch of games overcounting
  97. Resolved Ascend: Hand Of Kul achivement overtrack
  98. Resolved Achievements over counted Halo 4
  99. Resolved Shadow of the Damned
  100. Resolved Shoot Many Robots
  101. Resolved Xbox One forum not update Stats
  102. Info Needed Missing Wishful Thinking III Badge
  103. Resolved Fibbage Not Tracking
  104. Logged Achievement Times are not correct
  105. Achievements missing tags
  106. Resolved Graphs for polls
  107. Logged Games View - Thumbnail selection does not carry over beyond page 1
  108. backgrounds colors
  109. Best Week Ever Badge
  110. Resolved Sonic Collection should have another title
  111. Resolved Leaderboard still out of whack
  112. Resolved Keyboard shortcuts box appearing on every page load
  113. Resolved A couple of tracking errors
  114. Resolved DLC in common count
  115. Resolved destiny beta badge
  116. Resolved My Achievements won possibly incorrect?
  117. Resolved Missing badges
  118. Declined Konami'd badge
  119. Info Needed question about CL4P-TP badge
  120. Logged FAQ link does not work
  121. Resolved Supporting a Nation Badge
  122. Info Needed Best Week Ever Badge
  123. Resolved Game Ratings question
  124. Resolved Contrast on Xbox One Issue
  125. Resolved Completion percent badge - should I have this?
  126. Problem with site loading on WP
  127. Info Needed Trials Fusion tracking
  128. Logged Unearned badges awarded....???!!
  129. Resolved Missing Badge?
  130. Resolved Search website problem
  131. Resolved Another Sorting bug, in badges
  132. Logged Max (Xbox One) not syncing
  133. Resolved Overall Completionist badge not unlocking
  134. Resolved Completionist Badge
  135. Resolved Unable to cancel leaderboard request
  136. Resolved gamertag verification problem?
  137. Triggering unearned achievements - Xbox One
  138. Resolved Problems with Comments
  139. "Go to last post" acting strange
  140. Resolved Achievements by Rarity, wrong section
  141. Resolved Member Directory Bug
  142. Resolved Sort Function not working for Completed Games
  143. Declined Missing referral
  144. Ms. Splosion Man (PC) - No longer GFWL
  145. Forum sig broken?
  146. Resolved Current challenges page missing current challenges
  147. Resolved We Love You Too Badge
  148. Resolved DLC not calculated properlyU
  149. Resolved Wrong Game Displayed in Stats for last game completed
  150. Resolved Missing badge
  151. How to delete my GTN account (so I can create a new one)
  152. Resolved Videographer III, badge
  153. Resolved Gamertag Verification on new xbox.com website
  154. Growing Competition badge
  155. Best Week Ever II 15 BP Best Week Ever II Earn 5,000 Gamerscore in a single week.
  156. Xbox.com site update messing up this site?
  157. Xbox One not syncing
  158. Missing Completionist Badge
  159. Achievements SYNC issues
  160. Resolved Microsoft Number Puzzle doesn't show
  161. Logged Compare Gamertags>Compare Activity not working properly
  162. Resolved Batman collection/Dark Knight badge
  163. Filter trouble
  164. Sync Log
  165. Best week start/finish
  166. auto signing out
  167. Disappearing Review
  168. Missing games at the "end" of my profile
  169. Completionist 1 Badge
  170. growing competition badge #1
  171. error message when adding some1
  172. Completionist 1
  173. Locale at end of page.
  174. King of Kinect
  175. Resolved Badgeaholic badges
  176. Resolved Friday the 13th badge?
  177. Info Needed Leaderboard invites
  178. Resolved SYNC issues
  179. Resolved the wolf among us xbla
  180. Logged Child of Light Again?
  181. Missing stats for date in "My Stats"
  182. Rarity counter/search incorrect
  183. Review not showing up
  184. Resolved DLC Packs issue
  185. Resolved Xbox One Games
  186. Resolved OpenId Badge
  187. Resolved Add Friend button grayed out
  188. Shearing is Caring II
  189. Reverse sort order when you click on column name
  190. Padawan Badge Glitch
  191. Glitched Badge not unlocking
  192. Catchy Title
  193. You Beta Believe It not unlocked for me
  194. Resolved My anniversary trackers incorrect
  195. Resolved Friend request error!!!!
  196. Resolved Removal of games in my wish list from my wish list not working
  197. Resolved Completionist badge
  198. Resolved quick edit not loading for me.
  199. helpful review badge
  200. Resolved the review tab under the game section
  201. Resolved reviewer 2 badge
  202. Resolved the lego movie video game
  203. Resolved somehow i lost 3 badges today
  204. Resolved account deletion
  205. several badges not unlocking
  206. Resolved Profile viewing counter
  207. Resolved Missing game?
  208. NEXT GENERATION GAMER (help please)
  209. GTN saying I'm Silver Tier
  210. Logged Uploading a Video
  211. Game Collection Tab error
  212. Resolved New Toy Master Badge
  213. Resolved Many, many e-mails for getting a lot of badges
  214. Live tier wrong
  215. Resolved Changing gamertag on site
  216. Resolved Achievements Not Syncing....?
  217. Resolved App Issue, Maybe
  218. Phoenix Down Badge Glitch (only 4 people unlocked it)
  219. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies (Glitched)
  220. Crystal Defenders Classification
  221. Resolved First/Last/Completed Times incorrect
  222. Resolved Plays Well With Others
  223. Resolved Cool Name, Bro Badge not unlocking.
  224. Obvious Cheater
  225. Enthusiast Badge may not be tracking right.
  226. Badge Question / Clarification
  227. Resolved Issues w/ comments made on achievements
  228. Resolved Burning rubber badge not unlocked
  229. Resolved wrong achievement pictures
  230. My stats not showing correctly
  231. Resolved Missing DLC achievements
  232. Resolved Wrong Achievement Pictures
  233. Resolved Wrong picture for an achievement.
  234. Resolved Wrong picture for an achievement.
  235. Problem with custom leaderboard settings
  236. syncing problems
  237. Writing Custom Missions for Grand Theft Auto 5
  238. Resolved xbla games prices are still in Ms points
  239. Logged Dropdown menu with strange letters page crashes
  240. Resolved Wrong achievement picture
  241. Resolved The Cake Is A Lie...
  242. Improved Ability to Organize Collections
  243. All In Badge
  244. Resolved Collections not showing up
  245. Resolved Filters issues on Rated Games
  246. Resolved Badge Filters
  247. Glitched Badge
  248. Resolved First 100 badge
  249. Resolved Parsing issue in comments
  250. Mystery Badge #2 Possible Issue