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  1. Resolved Friends filter lost on page change
  2. Resolved Minor: Can't edits after posting a comment without reload
  3. Resolved New puzzle quest badges
  4. Resolved "Hidden" items in my Activity Feed
  5. New Dishonored badge not awarded
  6. Resolved Please Add these games to Multiplayer Achievements
  7. Resolved (Older?) Badges Not Unlocking
  8. Resolved Error message when I tried to edit a Review Comment
  9. Resolved Comments on Game Reviews
  10. Resolved Neverwinter achievements should be Online Only
  11. Resolved Strange Game Info?
  12. Resolved Not even sure what this means.
  13. Resolved Missing Badges
  14. Resolved Windows Phone games not being tracked
  15. Resolved "Hide my profile from members directory and searches" - not working?
  16. Resolved Hitman Go (Windows Phone version) not tracking
  17. Resolved Wordament Snap Attack not tracking
  18. Question about Glitched
  19. Resolved D&D (Not Really a Bug)
  20. Resolved Stange Jap/RoW bug - Batman
  21. Resolved Can't connect Instagram account
  22. Resolved Neverwinter belongs in the Dungeons & Dragons series.
  23. Flavor of the Week badge
  24. Resolved Happy Birthday message image in header is broken/missing
  25. Resolved Time Stamp Error
  26. &pound
  27. Resolved Missing Some Achievements
  28. enthusiast badge (not a bug i dont think)
  29. Night Owl badge not awarding...
  30. King of Kinect badge 10/10 not Unlocked
  31. Resolved Game Overview (Releases)
  32. Center Tag
  33. Resolved 15 Year Tenured Badge Progress Bar
  34. Resolved YouTube Link Error
  35. Resolved Doodle God Blitz not tracking
  36. connections
  37. Game Counts Wrong....
  38. Is GTN set up for new Xbox TOS?
  39. Mark as read is not working
  40. Spam Accounts
  41. Resolved 15,000 in a week not unlocking
  42. Price errors
  43. What Defines a One/Win10 Title?
  44. Resolved App Addict Issues
  45. Resolved Way of the Samurai 3 not tracking properly
  46. Nested Quote Level
  47. Declined Gamerscore BBCode
  48. Submitting Game Information
  49. Resolved Build v5.3.73
  50. Resolved Burning Rubber Badge has not been Awarded
  51. Writing long Achievement guides / jumpy screen
  52. Resolved Minecraft Pocket Kindle Fire...
  53. Best week ever & Best year ever badges
  54. Referral Email Was Not Sent
  55. Completed DLC Site Leaderboard / Find Me
  56. DLC Owned Site Leaderboard / Find Me
  57. Resolved Missing Badges
  58. A couple of badge problems
  59. Resolved Cowabunga badge not unlocking
  60. Resolved Birthday Badge
  61. Missing badge/duplicated badge?
  62. Not Posting Achievements Unlocked on iOS
  63. Game Sales
  64. Resolved State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition has an active Challenge
  65. Resolved Titanfall Video ended up in the Neverwinter page
  66. Resolved Forum thread issue
  67. Resolved Imperia Online W8
  68. Resolved All of Bandai Namco's Arcade Series Games need to be added
  69. Removal of Favourite Friend
  70. Resolved Forum signature alignment
  71. Resolved Bethesda's Twitter account has changed
  72. Resolved Force Update Leaderboards
  73. Xbox Region Store
  74. Resolved Video length bug?
  75. Resolved Server Issues?
  76. Resolved Label Issue
  77. Resolved Latest Achievement Guides - Some filters are not working
  78. Resolved Activity feed
  79. Resolved Online-Only Games
  80. Resolved RSS Feed Issues
  81. Logged Change of password lock out issues
  82. Resolved E-Mail Issue in Options
  83. Resolved State of Decay Challenge
  84. Resolved Dirt Rally Challenge
  85. Next Sync Error?
  86. Stats Graph Error
  87. Game Completion %
  88. Logged Having an issue Embedding a Tweets
  89. Switch to mobile site "banner"
  90. Resolved Free Slots Fun Factory, No Tracking Achievements
  91. Resolved Show me who voted...
  92. Logged Gamertag Check isn't very user friendly
  93. Resolved NBC app for Xbox One
  94. Logged Best Week Ever II did not unlock for me.
  95. For The Win Badge 20 BP, But a Silver Badge
  96. Declined Broken Pokemon Badge
  97. No challenge added for State of Decay
  98. Flas Mob
  99. the new favorites badge isnt working
  100. Resolved I've been robbed....
  101. Logged Efficient Gamer not unlocking
  102. Over the Horizon (Forza) Badge Not Unlocking
  103. DLC Junkie V not unlocking
  104. Resolved Adding people to leaderboards on a windows phone
  105. Resolved "Wanted" badge did not unlock?
  106. overall gamerscore not upating
  107. App Addict tiers don't match other tiered badges
  108. Resolved Project Spark DLC
  109. Info Needed Cheat code badges not working?
  110. Info Needed Signed up at 2 am, but still have no stats?
  111. Resolved Are challenges not updating?
  112. Achievements to next %
  113. Going Premium
  114. Two issues
  115. Resolved Profile comments acting funny
  116. Declined Mystery Badge VI
  117. Challenge Information Incorrect?
  118. Resolved Rainbow Six: Siege genre incorrect
  119. Gamerscore on filter not updated
  120. Resolved Gamerscore Tag is broken, I think
  121. Resolved I am missing 2 referrals
  122. Resolved Badges show locked on 90% Badge page
  123. Resolved PSN Link
  124. Resolved Referral Missing?
  125. Declined Xbox Live Arcade / Indie Games
  126. Resolved Spoiler Tag is broken
  127. Resolved Shadow Jago DLC untitled
  128. Info Needed Activity feed showing DLC rarity incorrectly.
  129. Logged Achievement count in Chart is cut off
  130. Resolved Flashback HD Images wrong
  131. Leaderboard Sorting
  132. Missing Badge?
  133. Resolved Missing Games
  134. Resolved Hidden Games
  135. Resolved Classic "Badge didn't unlock thread"
  136. Resolved Xbox One games not syncing
  137. Resolved Achievement Rarity Oddity
  138. Badge didn't unlock
  139. Resolved Can't embed a Youtube Video in my solution
  140. Dates on Most Active Days are wrong
  141. Resolved App achievements not synching
  142. Time stamps on videos
  143. Another Friday the 13th Badge Issue
  144. Newly Created Collection shows at the bottom of updated list
  145. Resolved Apps & Completion Percentage
  146. Resolved Spamming the Threads
  147. Resolved Joined 2 weeks ago and site isnt syncing?
  148. Info Needed Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series /Xbox 360) not picking up
  149. Unlocking of "The King" badge - play all 3 BK games, when only 1 played
  150. Best Week Ever Badges?
  151. Resolved Need for Speed Rivals achievements
  152. Resolved Xbox Live app tracking off
  153. Resolved Viewing Collections = 404 Error (Explore Menu)
  154. Logged YouTube integration beyond forums
  155. Resolved Go ahead and add EVERYONE to the Sync Xbox One and Windows 10 games option
  156. Resolved Windows 10 Games not picking up? :(
  157. Resolved GTN Email Notification - Privacy Settings
  158. Declined "Friends Only" does not include yourself
  159. Resolved My Completion Percentage jumped today, but the achievement count is off
  160. Resolved Poll Results
  161. Resolved The Darkness / Murderer Achievement
  162. Logged Report post as spam
  163. Resolved Charged twice for Premium Subscription
  164. Resolved MGS V: Phantom Pain Lists Two Extra Achivements
  165. Resolved GTN Email Notification - Privacy Settings
  166. Resolved Recent Activity not showing.
  167. Resolved Mystery Badge #3, Issue
  168. Resolved I see the Compare Badges feature is in place, but...
  169. Info Needed Badge Issue, i have lost badges gained
  170. Resolved Facebook Page on Profile
  171. Resolved Hexic Hd Forum, Bug
  172. Resolved Page pushed should not make you a new member
  173. Resolved Site redirecting?
  174. Anniversary Badge Issue(s)
  175. too short Please lengthen your message to at least 10
  176. Resolved "><svG/onlOad=(/XSSPOSED/)>
  177. Resolved Konami'd Badge does not "report" when unlocked
  178. Resolved Konamied again
  179. Resolved Xbox One achievements not showing up
  180. Resolved Achievements by Type numbers wrong when the results are filtered
  181. Logged Site is slowing down today and Erroring out (524)
  182. Declined All In badge
  183. Declined Weird Site Formatting and Performance Issues
  184. Duplicate Game's Missing From Profile
  185. Resolved Efficient Gamer III (90%) Stats slightly off
  186. Resolved 100 posts per page option is gone
  187. Resolved Leaderboard Pending Requests
  188. Resolved AchievementsnSyncronization is stuck
  189. Resolved 2 Year Anniversary Not Unlocked
  190. Enthusiast streak
  191. Resolved Group by DLC pack doesn't work when Sort by Rarity is selected
  192. Resolved xbox one games are not showing up on my profile
  193. Resolved achievement comment voting
  194. Info Needed Jump to unread weirdness
  195. Resolved Lost Badge Progress
  196. Resolved Can't Post in the News & Announcements
  197. Resolved My Wish List Count is Off
  198. Resolved Can't add a friend - Dale Baldwin
  199. Resolved Kinect PlayFit Oversight
  200. Info Needed "Play any game' review or rename to "Play a couple hours or get an achievement"
  201. Resolved Graphs not displaying on achievement stat page
  202. Resolved Not synching
  203. Logged missing a couple of badges
  204. Logged It might not be an issue (Leaderboard)
  205. Logged weird activity feed post
  206. Resolved Can not add a game to a collection
  207. Duplicate filters reseting when exploring games
  208. Resolved badge not unlocking
  209. Resolved System Error, is it me...
  210. Resolved Wish List Removals
  211. Resolved Site links in comments
  212. Resolved game ratings issue
  213. Resolved You only allow comments from those on your friends list
  214. Resolved Gamerscore not listed correctly
  215. Resolved Filters not applying when you change pages
  216. Logged Background Images
  217. Resolved Konamied
  218. Resolved Xbox One games not syncing
  219. Info Needed Profile not syncing up xbox one titles owned/progress correctly
  220. Resolved Badge Failed to Unlock
  221. Resolved Badge Not Unlocking
  222. Resolved Alice: Madness Returns - American McGee's Alice DLC
  223. Resolved Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter DLC
  224. Resolved Badge shouldn't have unlocked
  225. Resolved Uread Post Problems
  226. Resolved Marvel: Ultimate Alliance DLC Not Displaying Correctly
  227. Resolved Open for Discussion Badge
  228. Info Needed Friend requests & sending PM
  229. Resolved Dance Paradise eu & ntsc switcharoo
  230. Logged Flash Mob Badge Issue
  231. Resolved Last Completed game not updating.
  232. Website Design Ideas
  233. Resolved Dark Knight Badge
  234. Resolved Halo MCC Title Update 3
  235. Resolved Badge Issue - Phoenix Down
  236. Resolved The connection page does't work
  237. Best Week Ever IV Badge
  238. Leaderboard issues
  239. Resolved Badge Issue - Let Me Google That For You
  240. Badge - Challenge... What Challenge?
  241. Weird Badge Leaderboard Bug
  242. 'You're Doing it Right' Badge - Description Amendment
  243. Logged Birthday Gamer - Retroactive
  244. Resolved Site REALLY slow
  245. Badge Issue - Twitter'd
  246. Resolved Badge Issue - Rockin' and Rollin'
  247. Possible Activity Feed issue
  248. Resolved missing badges
  249. (badge) best week ever
  250. Resolved Forum counts misleading at best