Any Soccer Fans around GTN?


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Big Chelise fan myself.. and Real Madrid what is you favorite scocer team?
Although I wouldn't call myself a true supporter of any one team, I do tend to favor Chelsea in BPL, and I'll root for the English teams in Champion's League.
I don't consider myself a big soccer fan at all, but I have been keeping track of it more often to try and get into it a little bit. I usually only watch it during the World Cup or similar events.
I tend to follow the Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy and FC Dallas here in the US, but that's only in the summer when the NFL and NBA are in offseason.
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My sister was married to an ex Manchester United player, he came on a visa and it had expired, so she married him to stay deportation. She was still in high school, and it failed. Off topic, but it sets the next statement up:

I like to watch Manchester United and will watch US MLS when it's on. I am not the biggest fan, but do enjoy watching it.
Swansea city all the way. Been supporting them since I was a child back when they were struggling to keep out of the conference league and now they are in the premier league and going strong. Come on you Swans!
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As for me, well... I'm just a humble Manchester United fan... to-day, tomorrow and forever.

As for me, well... I'm just a humble Manchester United fan... to-day, tomorrow and forever.

Originally Posted by Homie Simpson
Not sure about this year though!
@ TAREKEGYPT, gonna agree with you buddy, it's going too be a tough time for all concerned at Manchester United, David Moyes just might be looking for a job sometime in the near future.


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