How often do you go to sporting events?


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How often do you go to sporting events?

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× 9 (21.43%) I never watch sports in person

× 11 (26.19%) Once every few years

× 7 (16.67%) Once a year

× 11 (26.19%) Once every few months

× 1 (2.38%) Around once a month

× 3 (7.14%) At least once a week

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How often do you go to sporting events?
Quite a bit during NFL season. I usually go to several Steelers home games each year. Other than that, maybe twice a year...once for a Pens game and once for a Pirates game.
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Living in Charleston, SC we don't have full on pro teams, but we do have a minor league Baseball and Hockey teams which are fun to go to, but I don't go as often as I like.
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I watch Tennis and Soccer events
i dont care much for sports
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I dont go as much as I used to, I figure if im going to pay 9-10 bucks for a beer id rather see boobies!
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