RIP Stuart Scott


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SportsCenter legend Stuart Scott passed away this morning at the age of 49.

You were always cooler than the other side of the pillow! You will be missed!


Boo Yah!
This really sucks. He was one of my favorite broadcasters. I haven't watched ESPN lately, I more or less keep up with scores by using Bing, but when I did watch it I couldn't wait for when he did his 'JACKED UP' replays during the NFL season. He was also very informative and told his news the way it was supposed to be done.

To be honest, I'm surprised Lou Holtz hasn't died.
wow very sad indeed
You lack a vital quality found in all Sith. Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you."
Damn sad news were going to miss you stu r.i.p.
A very sad day for sports fans everywhere, we lost one of the great voices.

R.I.P Stuart.
I hated to hear of his passing. One of my favs for a long time.
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