AFC Championship who do you think will win?


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Who will win the AFC?

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× 3 (8.33%) Broncos

× 10 (27.78%) Patriots

× 2 (5.56%) Bengals

× 4 (11.11%) Texans

× 5 (13.89%) Chiefs

× 5 (13.89%) Steelers

× 7 (19.44%) Here for the Poll

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  • 36 votes
Texans because I want to see them win the Super Bowl! Go Watt!
Originally Posted by Sentimentalnoos
We were actually feeling bad for the Texans. We were hoping for at least a score or something. Watt is pretty classy, though, nice tweet after the game.
Thank you Burfict & Pacman! Steelers co-MVPs!
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And that is why you can't have nice things.
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I voted for the Patriots... Though I really hope I'm wrong. I'd like to see Peyton have one more crack at a superbowl before he retires.
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I got my vote right.
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
And just like that, all is right with the world again...
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Did not think the Broncos would make it this far, but their defense is dragging the rest of the team kicking and screaming to the Bowl. I still don't see them beating most of the top teams from the NFC this season, but far stranger things have happened this year alone.

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