Next Dallas Cowboys Coach?


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So, while Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner) is content with Wade Phillips (current Dallas Cowboys coach) and has yet to fire him, it's hard not to believe some changes need to be made to "America's Team".

With that said, I want your predictions! Who knows when we'd (we, being the Cowboys) get a new coach but let your imagination run wild here.

Any Cowboys fans hoping for Shanahan (from Denver) or Holgrem (from Seattle/Green Bay)? Or perhaps a return of Cowher (from Pittsburgh) or Jimmy Johnson? Ah, I wish I wish I wish.
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i don't really see it changing just yet, but who knows. i'm just waiting to see how different it is by the start of next season
Or even better, if Brett Favre ends up retiring, Dallas should convince him to come down to teach Romo a few things about this sport. Sorry, I just cannot stand Romo. As soon as Dallas was obliterated by Philadelphia (in a game which determined who advanced to playoffs, nonetheless) I thought surely Jerry Jones would want to make some big changes. If it's not the coach or quarterback (or both!) than why can't we just win one big game under pressure?

One thing is for sure: It will be interesting to see what unfolds before next season.
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