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As these cards are filmed 4-6 weeks in advance, matches may get swapped around.

TNA IMPACT - May 10th 2016
  1. Jeff Hardy called out Decay. They came out and attacked him and James Storm made the save. Hardy and Storm are going team up.
  2. Decay beat Storm and Hard to retain the Tag Titles. They lost when Willow to distract Hardy and cost him the match.
  3. Al Snow cut a promo saying he was like Donald Trump and he is going keep out the people that don't belong. Mahabali Shera came out and beat Snow, with help from Grado.
  4. Gail Kim and Jade went to a no contenst when Sienna attacked them both.
  5. Mike Bennett cut a promo on EC3. He then beat Earl Hebner up. EC3 made the save, but Tyrus beat up EC3.
  6. That led to EC3 beating Tyrus in a Last Man Standing match.

TNA IMPACT - May 17th 2016
  1. Eddie Edwards and DJ Z beat Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett.
  2. Sienna beat Velvet Sky in her final TNA match. The fans chanted thank you as she left.
  3. Jeff Hardy called out Willow and beat him. After the match, two other Willows came out, including one of them as Matt Hardy.
  4. Eli Drake had Bram in the Facts Of Life. Bram beat up Drake.
  5. Drew Galloway beat Bobby Lashley in a Lumberjack match.
TNA IMPACT - May 24th 2016
  1. Allie (the former Cherry Bomb), who is the apprentice for Maria, brings her out. Maria talks about the Knockouts division. Gail Kim comes out and says she will never follow what Maria wants. Maria books her in a match against Sienna.
  2. Al Snow defeated Grado in a Street Fight. Shera helped Grado but Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort attacked Shera on floor. Snow won with Snowplow.
  3. Gail Kim defeated Sienna (with Maria and Allie) with Code Red. Gail's career was on the line if she lost. After the match Gail went after Maria and Sienna attacked. Maria punched Gail.
  4. Bobby Lashley and Drew Galloway segment to follow up from Lumberjack Match. Drew wants to fight now but Dixie Varter comes out and tells them that they will meet one last time at Slammiversary on June 12th. Must win by tapout or knockout. Drew and Lashley brawl and then officials come out and they are destroyed by Lashley. Lashley choked out Drew and stood over the carnage.

TNA IMPACT - May 31st 2016
  1. Mike Bennett out with Maria. Bennett mentions someone will be in charge tonight. Ends up being EC3. He tells Bennett they will meet at Slammiversary. Carter tells Bennett he will not be wrestling but will be a custodian. Maria is getting a job evaluation. Lashley out and Carter says that him and Galloway will choose their opponents. Drew picks Bram as Lashley's opponent.
  2. Bram defeated Lashley by DQ when Lashley used a chair. Lashley continues the attack until Drew Galloway comes out and makes save. Chases him out. Eli Drake comes out with KOTM case and wins the KOTM title
  3. Al Snow out and he brings out The Tribunal (Baron Dax and Basille Baracca ). They are here to get rid of people who do not belong. Grado and Shera out to call Snow a liar about the street fight. They brawl until Snow hits Grado and Shera with a chair.
  4. Bromans (with Raquel) defeated Rockstar Spud and Tyrus with guest referee Mike Bennett when Spud tapped to a Boston Crab.
  5. Ethan Carter does Job Evaluation for Maria. He brings Gail Kim out for verdict. Gail demands a match against Maria at Slammiversary. Carter gives it to her. He makes a tag match for Impact. Jade and Gail Kim versus Sienna and Allie.
  6. Gail Kim and Jade defeated Allie and Sienna when Jade pinned Allie after a package piledriver.
  7. Mike Bennett (with Maria) defeated James Storm with rollup after Maria slapped Storm. After the match, Carter comes out and talks about Slammiversary Match and Bennett turns around into a super kick.
  8. Drew Galloway defeats all three members of Decay when Lashley interference backfires and he Spears Abyss. Claymore and Future Shock to Crazzy Steve.
The 6/12 TNA Slammiversary PPV will be in Orlando., Florida.

The PPV will be headlined by TNA champion Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley in a bout where the winner can only be determined by KO or tapout.
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I would have liked to have been them go out of the road for their anniversary show.

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