NHL Stanley Cup


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I know I know. Game 6 I believe now. Still.

What are the favorite teams in general for you guys and who do you want to win the cup?

For me Dallas Stars is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE TEAM (yes all caps I f**kin love them)

To win? Flyers. Definitely Flyers. Why? I used to play roller-blade hockey, and was the best defenseman on my team (no joke, not trying to brag either). The team's name was Flyers, and we were ALMOST ALWAYS in the championship, although we'd normally end up being runner-up.
i haven't followed hockey since before the strike. when i did, i was a Coyotes fan, though. still, never got into as much as i did with other sports.
They all have such cheesy names. Coyotes, Stars. It sounds funny.

We have teams in the UK, called "The Slough Jacks" for instance. Much more sober.


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well, the Bruins are a little odd, and the Canucks are probably strange to some
Canucks?! Excellent!

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