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Written by Matrarch/ Credit to TalkingJROD

One of the main selling points in EA's SSX is the large scale global events that take place in the title. Thousands of riders from across the globe can participate in them and if a large enough number do so, in this case 50,000, players can earn a badge to show they participated.

Of course, getting 50,000 people to play the same game in a fairly limited time window can sometimes be challenging, so EA has stepped up by posting a two-week long Global Event in an effort to attract 50,000 Riders. The event, which is listed on its Facebook page as being located at "Alps - Vorassay - Beyond the Fall - Trick It!", will run for two weeks, hopefully giving everyone ample opportunity to join in.

Getting this event to 50,000 participants will help all involved make progress toward the following achievement, which you'll need if you want to complete the game:

The The Gold Spender achievement in SSX
Collect all Gold Global Events Badges

As an added bonus, if the event eclipses the 50,000 rider milestone, EA has promised that they will unlock Level 11 for your riders and a collection of Level 11 gear.

The event is active right now and will run through March 27th. Make sure to bring your friends!

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