Get A Free Pair Of In-Game Headphones For Sunset Overdrive By Blowing Stuff Up

Sunset Overdrive

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Microsoft and Insomniac have opened up Walter’s Workshop, showing off real-world versions of in-game weapons and traps.

Walter’s Workshop is essentially a glorified video player, but it’s worth using. To get started, choose one of the featured Sunset Overdrive weapons: the TNTeddy, Roman Candle, Hack N Slay, and Pyro Geyser. Pick a target to complete your selection, click the ‘FIRE’ button on the next screen, and enjoy the show.

If you’re getting Sunset Overdrive, make sure to use Walter’s Workshop at least once. When you do, you’ll receive a free code for a pair of in-game “Rock N’ Hop Headphones”. There may be a limited number of codes, so get one while you can!

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