Tales form the Borderlands easter egg, kind of..

Tales from the Borderlands

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Found a really cool easter egg in Tales from the Borderlands. You know how when you perform certain actions or say certain things it will pop up "Joe Blow will remember that"? Well if you skip the credits at the end of any episode...

it'll say "Telltale Games will remember that!

And they actually DO. If you skip them for another episode it'll say "Seriously?? People worked hard on this stuff!!" Lol Lol

I thought it was a very small, yet very brilliant, addition to the game.
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Now that is freaking awesome!

Well played TTG.
That's Awesome have you found the Minecraft easter egg in Borderlands 2! I think that was one of the best.
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Yeah, I didn't just stumble upon that one though...heard about it and watched a vid on finding it Lol
Instagram: @tat2dtrash
Twitter: @SG_Steelhead

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