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Anyone else bothered with it yet? I had a mate over and bummed his Xbox 360 for the night while he watched porn in my room for about 7 or 8 hours and downloaded this demo and played asassin's creed until it fucked up and wouldn't let me go to arche. )=

It was a little difficult getting used to the newest Tales of battle system on a 360 controller, but I beat the demo on my second try. I really think that the development team have really outdone themselves with their designs this time, though. I was pretty breath-taken by the difference between Tales of the Abyss (their latest tales of mothership title) and Tales of Vesperia's graphical appearance.

The characters weren't that interesting, but I wasn't expecting much from a demo.

I never figured out how to do over limits... but eh, I will when I get the game and an Xbox 360. xD

anyone else enjoy it? have any expectations?

i played it, and it felt like a typical Tales game. i'm not sure if i'll actually buy it though, since there's quite a few other games i'd rather get first.
i played it, and it felt like a typical Tales game.
Originally Posted by Obsidian Tides
Yeah... I wish they would've introduced some of the unique features of the game. I was a little uncomfortable playing the game since the game was actually challenging at the moment, and didn't really get the chance to explore things to do during combat. D:

I wonder what's in store for the release, though.... xD

They may have a few surprised up their sleeves... I hope they do, as it makes Games stand out when they pleasantly surprise you.

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