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No matter how nice it looks, a Mac will never, ever, run Crysis.

Or not for at least a few years.
Originally Posted by The Archanist
thats what i thought but looking at macs and searching on youtube the macbook pro can....of course it could not be but just look on youtube. i saw it when i was looking to see how my (hopefully future) AW would run it and i saw a link to a mac vid.
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I officially caved in and installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my computer. After using XP, I can say that I am actually very impressed with it. The most impressive is the ability to play Windows Media Center on your 360. I haven't noticed any unusual happenings yet, so I have now become a fan of Vista, despite saying so much different in the past.

Oh and for the record, I do not play much of any PC games. Wink
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well my new laptop was just ordered so in a couple of weeks ill experience vista, only got home premium i could have gone ultimate but already spent a bit on processor and graphics. plus £30/$60 shipping. It was strange, when it said "select shipping method" the express thing showed up as free but then it realised it glitched so I had to start again and it cost twice as much. so needless to say i swapped back to the cheaper option (£30).

Finally I have a laptop that can run games from this year!
England is my city

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