true slim hd or standard flat panel?

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i recently upgraded to true ultra slim 55in n it seems to have better clarity than the 42in standard hd i was using
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Is it LCD, Plasma, or LED? Most likely the main difference.
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Doesn't matter how slim the TV is, just the resolution is important. Most TV's now should be 1080p, though. Anything other visual difference is probably due to how each one is calibrated, and of course, one is larger than the other.
Hertz. The refresh rates.

TVs were 60 Hertz forever, meaning the television drew 60 images on the screen every second (hence, 60 frames per second). However, a little over 6 years ago, televisions came out at 120Hz, drawing an extra interpolated frame in between each provided frame.

With the advent of Active 3D, 240 Hz was required to produce the 3D images, doubling the doubled interpolated images.

My TV is 480 Hz, another doubling.

Some models are 600 Hz.

To draw the extra frames, the TV takes frame one and frame two, and creates an in between middle frame. This helps with motion and edging.

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