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Alright folks, I've been sporting my HTC Trophy since August 2011, and my wife has the newish HTC X8 (I think) which has allowed me to play some new games - but - its about time I upgraded my Trophy, which is only running 7.4 Mango and finally getting an 8 OS. My question to you fine people, whose opinion I find more meaningful the longer I'm a member here, is which W8 phone should I go with? I like the Lumia 1520, but it's really new right? I guess what I am asking here is for a community input slash debate on the best W8 phone currently out.

I've had a few WP7s, and even more WP8's now. When it comes down to it, I don't think there is a better option than the Nokia's.

I've had a 920, 928, and I'm now on a Nokia Lumia Icon. My wife uses the 1020. She LOVES the 1020 because she uses it to take pictures of the kids, and boy does it do a good job at taking pictures. My 900's and Icon also do a good job, but the 1020 is amazing in what it can do. Out of all of them, I prefer the form factor of the Icon, it has flat sides so I can stand it on it's side so my mom can watch the kids eat via Skype or I can play music loudly in the shower, etc. It also has wireless charging, which is super cool and convenient at work, I just place it on the charger and pick it up when it rings; no plug in or out.

That said, I've loved all of them. I would say it depends on your carrier. Verizon I would have a hard time recommending anything other than an Icon, AT&T 928 is good, unless you need an amazing camera, then 1020. The 1520 is just a bit too big for my taste, but I can see the appeal of a "phablet"; I'll just wait to pick up the Surface Small (or whatever they call it, revealing at the end of the month). T-Mobile is hot and competitive in the budget market and the 5xx series are popular and good phones.

My vote: Verizon Icon if you can, and update it to 8.1 as soon as possible.
I wouldn't go with anything under the Nokia 9XX series.

I like my 820 for work, but I prefer my 920 as my personal phone.

I will be grabbing a 1520 before AF2014.
still rocking my samsung focus wp7 n what a pos it is
get-r-done payback is a mother
I'm with Verizon, and actually torn between the Icon and the 1520... I'll read the critics and users reviews - but keep debating - the more info the better!

Icon is smaller.

1520 has an SD slot.

But, if you're on Verizon, is the 1520 even an option?
Yeah, then as Verizon, I would recommend the Icon. The 8.1 beta has a few bugs, but nothing that can't get cleared out in full release (WiFi issues, mostly).

Again, if the big ones (1520) are available, it comes down to preference of size at that time, really, and I prefer the smaller ones.
Well, I'm kind of a big guy, so...

My old 5" phone looked like an iPhone on me. Even my 4.8" 920 is a "bit small" for me. That 6" looks fantastic, and, it fits in my pockets completely.
I prefer the larger screens, and I rarely carry my phone with me, so the 1520 is more my cup o' tea. However, if Icon is my only provider choice, I'll accept it.

And futiles, thanks for the suggestion to B8 about selling me his new slim. Turns out we live only a few hours apart, so we'll exchange in person, Small world after all, ah?
Got my Lumia 1520 today! Perfect phone.
Update it immediately to 8.1 if you have not already.

So many improvements.
I have the Lumia 620 and can't wait to get the Lumia 1520.
Update it immediately to 8.1 if you have not already.

So many improvements.
Originally Posted by palmettobling
This isn't my beta OS device. I messed with developer preview on other device, I can wait for final code on this one.
...and now you folks are bit above my head lol
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Windows Phone 8.1 is not in official release, yet. So, anyone using a version of it is using a "Developer Preview" or basically a beta version of the OS. I have no problem with betas, and I take part in them all the time. However, my cellulars are productivity devices which are required to be in a fully functioning state at all times, so, I cannot risk any issues with any previews/betas on them.

So, while I did like 8.1 on an unused device, I cannot put it on either of my production phones.
Oh I understand now. I use my cell for near everything, so I may have to wait a bit before I am comfortable. But on the other hand, this Trophy will be 3 years old in a month or two.... ugh.

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