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We all likely have a cell phone here so why not show it off? Anyone have the latest and greatest iPhone? My girlfriend will be picking one up soon and I may eventually switch over to Cingular and get one for myself later this year. So enough about me, what cell phone do you currently have?

I'm currently using a T-Mobile Sidekick 3 (pictured below) which I have had since signing a two-year contract in November 2006. Can't say that it's the best phone on the market right now (no video playback and not capable of uploading my own ringtones) but it is very easy to use for the amount of texting and e-mailing I do.

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I've grown to like SE phones as they are the only ones that haven't failed me over the years. Had a motorola once and it was awful apart from the camera. I've had this since march. it has mp3,camera,video and a bunch of other things probably.
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Nokia N95 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have the Nokia n95 8GB, also known as the N95 2. Not bad, and the first time I ever bought a phone for it's gadgets. It just had the complete package, so I thought it'd be a good buy. It has a 5megapixel Carl Zeiss Camera, 8gb internal memory, mp3 and mp4 player and a whole lot of other shit I have yet to use. Basically, it'll keep me occupied for the next half decade.

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i've got an LG that's so old it doesn't even have a camera.
Voyager baby!

Voyager baby!
Originally Posted by Exo Politician
Oh dang, how do you like that phone? I doubt T-Mobile has it.. We never get the good stuff. Frown
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I love it. It vibrates back at you when you touch the screen, the GPS is real (as opposed to iPhone), and the QWERTY keypad was the major selling point for me. It's a bit bigger than most people would like, but you have to make room for the keypad somewhere. I don't have all the options enabled...because it can do so much, and I don't need it all...but I don't know what it can't do, besides clean my room.

My mom has the Dare...which is pretty rad because it turns into a QWERTY key-thing if you turn it sideways.
sweet phone. looks like all phones are going for a touchy-feely thing this year.
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I think people realized they had to go that way if they were going to compete with the iPhone. iPhones are cool, but there are features of other phones I like better.
Plus iPhones look a bit chunky...from what i've seen. i dont have one.
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I think my one is better than the iPhone personally. I have 8 gigs internal memory from anything to photos and videos and music and games. I have broadband as part of my contract, and I can upgrade to a full GPS if I wanted to.

And many more featured I cannot fathom.

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Tell that to the hordes of people queing up to get the new 3G one.
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It's a novelty. A waste of cash in my opinion. iPhone looks cool, but I'm fine with a normal phone.

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It's not a novelty as it was one of the first if not the first touch screen phones. Plus with wi fi and iTunes included, application downloader up to 16 gigs memory, GPS its quite good for value and the new 3G just lauched which is another step up on competitors. It's far from being a novelty. I dont like them but respect is due.
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Yeah, but is it a phone? No. It's more like the iPDA.

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You call people on it. its a phone, its like the blackberry thing.
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A blackberry is a PDA. The phone part of it is just one of it's many features. It's basically a small computer.

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...I can't wait until the PS4 comes out, and it's the size of the iPhone...
I should slap you for even mentioning a possible sony product here. LONG LIVE MICROSOFT!


Behold the Motorola L7 SLVR!!!
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