Fake EA Sports Instagram account phishing for Xbox, Origin logins

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It's World Cup season; reigning champions Spain lost in spectacular fashion and FIFA soccer fans may be interested in rectifying that loss to Chile in FIFA 14's Ultimate Team World Cup mode. Unfortunately, Instagram accounts posing as official EA Sports channels are popping up during this period of piqued interest, posting tempting offers for free in-game currency in order to obtain players' Xbox Live and Origin account details.

Accounts such as "easportsut2014" were recently spotted by cybersecurity company Malwarebytes, posting FIFA Ultimate Team offers dating back to April. Each offer directs freebie hopefuls to a site that requests their Xbox Live and Origin login information as well as the answer to each respective security question. Malwarebytes previously discovered Twitter accounts such as @EAFIFAHELPUK that replied to users tweeting at EA Sports' official accounts with links that phished for private information. That particular account in question has since been suspended.

Source: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/online-...very-sporting/

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