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So I just got a 2 TB Seagate external drive. I am not sure if it is better to run the backup software for the files I want to keep; music, movies, pics, saved game files (steam). Is it better just to go and copy and paste the files manually?

I've had the PC for nearly 6 years, I've never formatted or recovered or anything. It is a

gateway model DX4840
Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 GHz 3.20GHz
RAM 6.00GB
64-bit OS

Sometimes if I leave the computer on while I am at work, I will come home and the screen will be black, but iTunes is still playing music, and sometimes alt ctrl deleting will bring up that screen, but the resolution is totally messed up and I have to reboot. Ever since I installed and did the backup for the seagate drive it also seems to randomly temporarily freeze for 10-20 seconds.

If I do end up doing anything, is it best to just go into the gateway recovery thing and "Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults" or "Restore Operating System and Retain User Data?
Your HD works also with Xbox One?
Your HD works also with Xbox One?
Originally Posted by QuiCkz Ninja
Probably not, since the X1 formats it. He is asking in the genreal Tech & Electronics section, so, he is specifically referring to using an HDD with his PC.
Right, I am only at 30ish% used on X1, so I am not really concerned with memory at this point, just my PC.
yes it's 3.0
Originally Posted by Canadian8tor
OK, Thanks
The freezing randomly for 10-20 seconds kinda sounds like the CPU Usage might be running high. I know certain programs for me push the CPU to the max (and not surprisingly, it then runs like crap).

I'm not a big fan of backup software, so I typically just manually copy/paste over the stuff I want backed up (photos, music, etc...) I don't have a lot of things changing to need a constant backup. I just make it a habit to copy over any new pictures immediately so I have them elsewhere. Again, these are just my personal opinions..
So, do you think I'd be further ahead just to buy Windows 8 if my system will support it, or just run the factory settings via the gateway recovery tool?
I would try the Restore with Retaining User Data first. Worse case, you end up doing one of the other options in a couple of days.

I actually make use of Windows' built in Restore Points. Your system makes them periodically anyway, see if you have one from before you noticed the issue.
The only recent real issue is the random freezing, which only started once I installed the Seagate backup software, so I think that might be because it's running in the background backing things up.

My System Restore points are all from this month, like I said I've had the PC for 6 years and never formatted before so it just might need to be restored to get it running quicker.

I do remember that for a brief period of time when I would bring up the "help" windows, the ones with indexes and searches when you hit F1, there would be no text displayed in the help windows. As in Windows Help and Support. It works fine now though.

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