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Got Smartphone?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 29 (60.42%) Yes, a Windows phone

× 10 (20.83%) Yes, an Android phone

× 5 (10.42%) Yes, an iPhone

× 2 (4.17%) Yes, another model of smartphone

× 0 (0%) Not a smartphone, just a regular old mobile phone

× 2 (4.17%) No, I don't own any kind of mobile phone at all

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  • 48 votes
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Got spam? How much spam? Lots of spam?
" I can't keep [it] up right now, as soon as I get enough to feed it, I have to play forever just to give it some water. Then it falls asleep." -smrnov
I feel so unique being the only one with an iPhone..

Oh man! All the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.
Got spam? How much spam? Lots of spam?
Originally Posted by Dacoto
thanks dude you made me laugh today. thank you.
I'm the kind of guy who stops the microwave at 1 second just to feel like a bomb defuser.

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I have 4 Lumia phones:-)
I feel so unique being the only one with an iPhone..
Originally Posted by ULTIMATE leo129
I've had iPhones in the past but WP is just a better choice for me since everything else in my electronic life is Windows based...PC, Surface Pro tablet, 360, X1, etc. It just made sense for me to keep everything uniform. Obviously I would have stuck with iPhone if my other devices were Macs.

I don't have a heap of preference when it comes to phones. I only use them for a few basic things..

1. Texting
2. Social networking on-the-go (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
3. Games
9893262514. Talking. (Yeah, I'm one of those freaks who prefers text to voice. I spend 65-70 hours/week on the phone at work, so I pretty much refuse to talk on one unless I'm getting paid to do so. Thank God I didn't become a gynecologist Lol )
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I own an iPhone for personal (friends and family)

and a Android Phone (for work)
Lumia 930 is awesome
I had the first three iPhones, it was great and I got my family converted eventually. However, I outgrew it and tried Android, but didn't like the openness to the platform so I ended up on Windows. I love it.

That is why I suggested badged for Windows Phone games named "My 1st Smartphone I". They really are just hand me downs for kids or easy access for old people. iPhones have their place, just not in my pocket.
I live in a valley. I can't really use cell phones, so I don't have one

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