Two teams at EA are working on games for Apple Watch

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During Apple’s event yesterday, the firm announced Apple Watch and EA is on board to create ‘gaming experiences’ for the gadget.

Speaking with Cnet, EA mobile boss Frank Gibeau said the firm is Intrigued with “seeing wearables emerge as a gaming platform.”

“We think we’re in the early stages [of wearables],” he said. “With Apple’s big announcement with the watch, there’s a trend here where wearables are going to increase in performance, capability and unique functions over time that we believe will enable gaming experiences.

“In fact, we have two teams prototyping wearable experiences that are not only standalone, but also some ideas where you can actually use the fitness component in the watch that can unlock capabilities in the game that might be on your iPhone. Or you could do crafting or some other auction trading on your watch that goes back into your tablet game that you might check out later when you get home.”

Apple Watch is similar to those produced by Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony, the price of the gadgets are usually high. In this case, Apple’s version will start at $349 (£216) and the price will likely be higher in the UK.

The smartwatch is expected to be released in early 2015.

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