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Seriously this is on the edge of pointless, people havent even come to grips with Vista yet and in less than two years theres going to be a new one....or so it seems. Hopefully MS are looking at Vista, seeing th kinks and making it a better system. I don't have any real problems but for every person that doesnt there are a few that do. MS are moving too fast, Vista could have a good life span with a few updates here and there.
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I agree... but in the end, from the year 2000 alone, we've had Windows ME, Window's 2000, Window's XP, Window's 2003 and Window's Vista.

I think they've always been rapid... they need to chill.

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yeah but out of those people only use Vista and XP. come to think of it o do remember windows 95/98 but i would have thought they'd learn that theres no point in releasing a new system when the old one has barely had a chance to work properly.
England is my city
Yeah, but 95 and 98 were like... huge leaps and bounds from each other. I agree with you when you say we should stick with Vista... I think it's perfectly good for now.

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