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I was looking to maybe invest in this company and wanted to get people's opinion on what has been going on there:

The stock market has been down and their stock is at $16 a share.


China is trying hard to get a piece of this company, Micron have refused a buyout. China now wants to partner with them. I believe they are the only company making chips in the US (Utah Factory). The government is also involved trying to stop China from getting the chip. Micron have partnered with Intel to create what they are saying is a revolutionary product that is faster then current chips for memory.


Variations and improvements on the NAND architecture are seemingly going in groups right now (http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/...st-hard-drive/), and with SSD hopefully becoming the standard, and not the upgrade over the next few years, that isn't a bad gamble to take. Plus, with Micron's 35 year history, even if they got bought out by another company, the stock exchange, split, payout would likely be a premium on your investment.

Will that $16/share turn into $160/share? No. But, $20, $25, $35/share are all believable returns.

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