Digging up an asteroid... spacial evolution?

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I was just browsing the net and came across this article and since I am a huge astrophysics nut, it fascinated me. It's incredible to think about the vastness of space and how the whole physiology of the plant was completely changed by a single large impact. As I read through it, and started to read the comments on other sites (no links attached), and the topic was high jacked by creationism vs evolution arguments. So now I pose the question to you guys: where do you stand on this? Personally, as an educated Christian, I believe in a version of creation that includes evolution as a natural process, because science has indiscriminately proven that it exists. But I get shunned at church sometimes for not believing the word as it is. I tend to apply logic to my faith, and have developed a peculiar and unique belief structure. But the point of my thread is this: can creationism exist with or without evolution? Or do you have another system to share? Please do, as knowledge is power here.

Please, kindness and no fights.
Another dangerous topic for a site like this, I'm going to keep it as simple a possible and just say I stand with science. but where is the poll?
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For some reason, when I click the link you posted, it brings me to a search engine for impact drivers at Sears...Lol
For some reason, when I click the link you posted, it brings me to a search engine for impact drivers at Sears...Lol
Originally Posted by SpectreSubZero
Looks like the link is broken now. No one cared anyways, so...
Don't know what the article said but what I believe is that our ancestors were not from earth.
I believe they were from Mars and when they destroyed the atmosphere they started over
On Earth.
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You know, it would make sense. I read a thesis about the possibility of a large asteroid grazing Mars before hitting Earth, and how that grazing allowed the atmosphere on Mars to wither and introduced some forms of Martian life on Earth. I think anything is possible. With the great vastness that is outer space, we have such a limited experience of it, and can only extrapolate possibilities. Hell, we could be existing in a black hole already. Our universe could be the brain cell of a much larger being, on a larger scale, where his universe is the cell of something even greater. The theories are endless, and in themselves, fascinating. Is there life on other planets? There has to be. We are so far apart in space that it requires light speed travel in order to reach another life sustaining habitual planet, and it would take years to get there, or vice versa.

It's so amazing. I obsessed earlier in life about astrophysics, and spent many sleepless nights learning observing the vast beyond. Living where I live, I get great views of the black night sky almost daily. I have scopes and am building a room deck, just for my renewed love of everything space.

Sorry to have rambled. Yes, it's entirely possible that we originate from Mars. Or Utopia (look it up, it's a moon). Or some other idea that no one has been able to comprehend yet. That's the beauty and limitless attraction that it space - like intelligence, we cannot perceive it's end.

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