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Anyone as excited as I am to download Apple's newest installment of their browser war contender, Safari? The brand spanking new version has a whole new look and it's rumored to be much faster than both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The news has been all over the place today but I'll give some more love to my friends at Lifehacker, so check out their post over here.

So what do you guys think? Will you download, try, or completely ignore the updated Safari build?

I've been a fan of Safari (on Windows) as a whole, however I just can't live with the overall design of the client. The lack of extensions also put it down a few notches for me too. I'll still be giving Apple another chance though, especially with all of the improvements to the overall look and feel of the client.

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never messed with Safari, but the Apple update is annoying as hell. i'll probably continue to avoid it.
I will continue to avoid it Safari on Windows has been riddled with security issues since launch. While it has improved per most security firms it is still the least secure browser on the market. That and heck I finally switched to firefox about a year ago. Smile That's what happens when you have worked for MS the bleed takes awhile. esp if your a stock holder still. Smile
I didn't know about the security issues the browser was having on Windows. I downloaded it last night and I could tell a huge difference in the amount of time websites loaded. This website, for example, was able to load flawlessly in Safari. I'll probably be giving it some more time tonight. I only had a few minutes to run through the browser after it was updated. The "coverflow" concept for the bookmarks was nice too. Seems like finally Apple has decided to give their browser the popular iTunes feature.
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I think the better the JS engines get, the faster the browsing will be. That's ultimately the success to Google Chrome and their child, Android. I'm really starting to wonder if Mozilla is going to keep their contact with Google for the default search utility on Firefox 3.5.. well... considering Chrome's success??

I'm not really a huge fan of Safari on Windows. I had a bad experience during the Beta candidate program, but then again, who didn't except for the Mac users? Since then though, I have the program installed for website compliancy reasons, however I don't venture into that program very often. Maybe once per build. The other thing that kind of bugs me is the lack of a port to Linux. Safari isn't what we would call "Open Source" material, however the port to Windows OS only tells me that they're trying to convert the PC crowd to a bunch of Apple dippers, which doesn't float my boat. Obvious marketing offenses like that really turn me off..

My co-worker who's also a programmer explained to me that Safari's back-end is built off of WebKit which is an open-source browser engine derived from libraries built on KDE. This is just another reason to make the port to Linux, especially if the core engine is already built around the KDE system.

Apparently the reason for the lack of a port is the fact that the KDE and Apple combination is almost analogous to water and oil. After some brief research I've discovered that KDE and Apple have attempted to port applications in the past (not certain which applications, my bet is iTunes though) and they had conflicts with versioning procedures. I'm pretty sure it has to do with Apple's "stream line development"..

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.... It seems I need to get my mitts on Chrome, and fast.

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Oh and to top it all off. The only two real reasons I use Firefox over any other browsers is...

(drum roll here)


Call me a sheep (bahhhhh!) but I'm a sucker for good applications. In the words of a good ole' Southern boy, "ain't no Apple eaten foo gonna change my mind no how!!".

Now I feel I've said my peace.. Wink
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So I shouldn't get Chrome? Firefox is good for me, but if something is markedly better, then...

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Chrome isn't bad at all. If you like Firefox 3 then you'd feel right at home with Chrome as well.
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Wow, this thread is ancient — I can't even remember the last time I used Safari for Windows. I find myself using Chrome from time to time, but Firefox is still my #1 choice. Smile
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