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There is a spare phone-jack in my room and I'd like to get online with it. I have tested it with an old phone and I get a dial tone. My home is suscribed to broadband so i assume it means that the whole house can connect and not just one computer?? The question is do I need anything else apart from a router and the cables?
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That's a good question. I haven't used a DSL/broadband connection in awhile but (at least in my past experiences) you should be able to do it. I know that most DSL companies require that you use their router/modem to connect internet through the phone line, so I believe that's the only requirement. You can use your own router and connect your components from there as long as your router is connected to their router. This may all sound confusing and it may be irrelevent since we tend to do things different on this side of the pond but there's my take.
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Well i know now that broadband is in the whole house as you pay for it per number. We have AOL Broadband (slow but im not the one paying the bill so i cant complain) and we stopped using their router once we went wireless so i think i should be ok. theres also a tech guy we know who set up our wireless so once i get the gear ill give him a call.
England is my city

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