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A couple of days ago I finally decided to upgrade to W7. I got my free upgrade when I bought my PC but had to wait a while for it to be delivered. After hearing some horror stories about the upgrade I waited for a while. My upgrade went off with no problems at all, I didnt have to uninstall anything or disable my anti-virus software. I had my PC online to download some install updates. Less than two hours later I had a new OS. Nothing needed to be reinstalled, nothing was missing, not even my own desktop background.

If you've been using Windows XP then the jump to 7 will seem like a big one. Vista users will feel comfortable and there are new features for both groups to enjoy:

Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

It's really easy to keep a tidy desktop on here. All I have is the Recycle Bin, my most used icons are down below on the much better W7 taskbar. No longer do programs take up space when you open them. They just a have a discreet "square" and if you hover over it, you'll see previews of its different windows. If you are downloading then you can track the progress from the sqaure as a green bar scrolls across, for exapmple I used to have to open Steam to check on my download progress, but with W7, I don't have to anymore. It may sound small but it's these small things that have needed fixing for a while.

Here's my desktop: (see attached image below)
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I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit (from Windows Vista) a few weeks ago and I'm in LOVE with it. I actually formatted and fresh installed Windows 7 for that new PC kind of smell.

I wasn't planning to make the switch at home until my computer at work came in with Windows 7 on it. It took a few days of adjusting, but it's fantastic for sure. Hey, finally Microsoft produces an OS that I can be proud of.

I may attach my desktop from home later.
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my laptop actually came with the upgrade for Vista, but i never used it. i'm not sure if i should make the jump to 7 though as i'm fairly comfortable with XP. my main concern is compatibility issues with various programs and games.
The only games that can't be played are old ones like Max Payne (1). It works but there are sound and visual glitches. Newer games have no problems. It depends how far back your game library goes.
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Looks really good, Billy. I certainly hope I can upgrade too. I hope it allows for more of my PCs memory to be spent on useful stuff...

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Windows 7 is on par with XP SP2. It's very stable, very fast, kind to system resources and just generally a great achievement(1000 GS) for microsoft. They've finally managed to get it right.
TO upgrade the window xp 7. We have to need big memory to install the window xp operating system. Because of this i don't install the window xp 7. Any solution?

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