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So, Windows 8 comes out tomorrow. What are your thoughts on the all new interface? Anyone planning to upgrade from Windows 7?
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I have not really paid much attention to this one. I should look into it some more just to know what its about. I avoid being an early adopter of windows OS's
It looks great. I wanted to upgrade my window xp to 8.
There is no reason to use this over 7 for desktops. 8 even follows the Windows OS release trend of good-bad-good-bad. I have no interest in tablets or phones, so it doesn't concern me.
I love it on my touchscreen laptop!
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Way to resurrect a dead thread! I've got a tower running it, nuts specs, built myself.
I got mine from Alienware. Still getting used to it...
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i plan on getting the lumia 1020 to add to my wp n ios 5

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