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I will picking up my pre-order copy of Titanfall after school tonight!!!..I know alot of people want to see what the game looks like before they buy or just their curiosity. I will be streaming live tonight around 10pm (Central), if anybody wants to check it out.

Also if you purchased I would love to get some games and parties going with people here at GTN, send me a friends request on XBL and lets have some fun!!!

As always there will be live chat on my channel so everyone can get there social on in real time, come hangout tonight!!!
No joke it is &*(^ing amazing. They did beyond a great job on this... Me and my Twitch viewers can't believe its the 360 version. I own and played the PC version, there are no limitations or game play experience differences. I'm having a blast just hit level 25 last night!!!
I'm glad they made a competent port. It is extremely fun, and I can see how it could have easily been phoned in on 360, but it's nice to see them have done a good job.
looks like i need to play this now
get-r-done payback is a mother
yay I don't need to get an xbone (but... I still kind of want Forza 5)! Haha, anyway... that's awesome! I'll probably be getting Titanfall for 360, then.

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