Titanfall Update Four detailed

Titanfall (Xbox 360)

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Here's a list of the patch notes:

BUG FIXES (All Platforms)

Fix for no music playing when you join a match late.
Fix for Sonar Burn Cards not showing during kill replay.
Fix case for when "Titan Locking"/"Pilot Locking" indicator goes away.
Fix not being able to rodeo a Titan doing a synced melee kill.
Corporate: Restored Victory/Defeat music at end of match in Corporate on Campaign.
Fix for getting stuck in Titan deploying nuclear core and nuclear core not doing full damage when right next to Titan.
Fix cases where disembarking player directly from a Titan into the dropship leaves that player behind.
Fixed players not ejecting from where the Titan is if they dash while auto-ejecting.
Fix for Flyer ragdolls disappearing.
Fixed cases where punching would make a Titan fly. You might remember this one from being featured on Kotaku.
Fixed the Smart Pistol being unable to lock-on when the frame rate is low. (Thanks for reporting this one, forums!)
Fixed the Smart Pistol not being able to hit crawling Spectres.
Fixed occasional issue where Titan rodeo kills were not counted towards the Brain Surgeon challenge.
Fixed a case where player jump jet effects would spawn endlessly.
Fixed a crash when attempting to necksnap a Pilot who is rodeo'ing a Titan.
Fixed a crash involving Sonar.
Fixed being popped into Spectre tubes on Corporate after jumping off from a rodeo.
Fixed water not fogging properly.
Fixed cloaked players being too visible in heavy fog.
Fixed satchels skipping doomed state when set off with smoke.
Fixed hitching and fast forward motion when game has been running for a long time.
Fixed tearing happening more often than necessary when running close to 60 fps.

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