Titanfall IMC Rising DLC: First Look at the Zone 18 Map


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Respawn has revealed the first of the maps that will be coming to Titanfall as part of the IMC Rising DLC, another expansion that will be available standalone or with the game's Season Pass. This one is called 'Zone 18' and whisks players away to the vast wilderness of the Dakota system, on the grounds of an old IMC base.

The story goes that the Militia pick up mysterious sensor readings that lead them to deploy recon teams to investigate the hidden IMC site, which in turn leads to another battle between the two factions. Zone 18 is described as a "fast-paced environment with two main sections divided by a central supply path".

Pilots will be able to find protection in the facility's interior passageways or a long range vantage point on the rooftops, which offer limited cover at all the same height. The idea is to push players together into choke points underground for close-quarters skirmishes.

Titans, meanwhile, can evade incoming fire from the central path into alleyways at either side. Wall-running options are in abundance for Pilots, but venturing into the underground corridors presents the better choice in order to stay alive.

"Thematically, I wanted to make something that would be less ‘noisy’ and let players spot other pilots quickly. With Hammond Robotics working on a new Spectre model in the high-tech underground sections of Zone 18, the base above is neglected and overgrown as camouflage against enemy aerial and satellite reconnaissance," Respawn's Geoff White writes on the official Titanfall site.

The IMC Rising expansion pack will be coming soon to Titanfall. Check out some new screens and an overhead layout of the Zone 18 map below.

Source: http://www.xboxachievements.com/news...ne-18-Map.html

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