Final confirmed Titanfall DLC map revealed


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Respawn has revealed a new Titanfall map called Sand Trap.

It will be released alongside the previously detailed Backwater and Zone 18 maps in the third "and final" Titanfall DLC pack, IMC Rising.
Nice Smile I just got an Xbox One 2 weeks ago so I don't have any map packs yet for Titanfall.
Thinking about getting the Season Pass. Is it worth it?
I play Titanfall fairly much.
I play Titanfall regularly, and I love the rotation of the maps, and the achievements associated with them are not too difficult to complete. I thought everything about this game was worth it, and look forward to what they make next.

I plan on hopping back in around the DLC release, but I've been deep down the Minecraft hole, and want to wrap up Metro 2033 before it drops.

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