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Has anyone tried it. I downloaded it a while ago and can say that its not as bad as I thought it would be. Ive only played a tutorial mission but the game is pretty easy to control and theres plenty of scope for development of technique during later missions. That doesn't mean it'll happen though but it seems a bit more "mature" like the Ghost Recon titles. In fact this game is a spin on that universe, you help out Recon from above. Or atleast thats what I gathered from the opening cinematic. Any thoughts?
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I played the Demo and at Pax. I thought it was one of the best flight sims so far. The plane handled well and the missions look interesting. I'll most likely wait until I can get a good deal on it before picking it up.
how does it compare to Ace Combat? my friend is a big fan of the series, but he hasn't been too interested in this title. i assume he thinks it won't be quite as serious as AC.
I frankly thought it felt better and the controls where smother. However, I got stuck in AC so I was unimpressed with it.
I tried out the demo and was pretty impressed with it too. I doubt that I'll ever consider buying this game though. The whole flying simulation and combat thing just isn't my thing. And no, it has nothing to do with my fear of heights. Smile
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