Gamertag Checker

Gamertag Checker FAQ's

What does Gamertag Checker do?

Gamertag Checker retrieves the recently played games and general profile information for gamertags on Xbox Live. This can be a useful way to check whether or not a particular gamertag exists and is already taken.

How do I check a gamertag?

To check a gamertag, simply enter a gamertag and whether or not you want to include their recently played games, and then click the Search button.

Why does the data returned by Gamertag Checker sometimes differ from what I see on Xbox Live or

Don't worry — it's perfectly normal. Xbox Live data is constantly in flux and rarely universal. Some factors that may affect data include:

  • Searching for a gamertag that has been cached (try your search again later)
  • Gamertags with games that are not setup for syncing in our database
  • Xbox Live or Sync Server downtime