Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron

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So one of my friends works for GameStop and he let me have my pre-ordered game a day before release date, so here is some inside news on the game.

Currently I'm playing through the Campaign mode as the Decepticons, and man the voice acting, the visuals and game play are FUN, not innovating but simply FUN. The colors can get over used, they do have alot of orange, purple and red colors on the game but doesn't really bug you until the third chapter.

Targeting system can be better but I like the games where you actually need to have great aim to be pro, and not simply double tap triggers to get auto-aimed :P.

Throughout the game you can pick up different weapons, ammo, power-ups and health. Some players auto-recover and some can not, which adds to the difficulty in the game. All players have different abilities than others, such as TANKS, LEADERS and SPEED. The tanks have the stronger weapons but are slower and can take more damage. The leaders are well rounded and make the best for beginners and the SPEED class are fast and are also not as strong as the rest but do have advanced mechanics.

I'll keep you updated as I play the game, this is just the beginning of the game so I have alot of gaming in front of me! I also have to go into the multiplayer mode, but it won't let me connect for some reason, maybe it has to do with it not being released yet, but Im sure its my connection at home :P.
i been thru both campaigns. I love the fact that they left little easter eggs in there.

the multiplayer is acutally fun. with my highest kill streak being almost 10..and thats with me lagging badly..=)
overall great game. espically since they use soundwaves orginal va.

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