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UNO & Friends (WP)

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I am not sure if it is allowed over here, if not, just delete my post.

If you have played Uno & Friends (WP) or Uno & Friends (Win 8) prior to the newest update, then there might be a positive glitch working for you.

After all those sh*t Gameloft gave us, finally they have on in our advantage. Thank you Gameloft!

If you played the game before the patch and made some progress, update the game and upon starting up the game, you will immediately unlock you the level related achievements.

Be fast as you can expect Gameloft to fix this! If you did not play the game before the update, you cannot take advantage of this glitch. Unconfirmed if it works with other achievements too.

Where can I find my updates?
* Windows Phone
Store: See the word "updates" and Uno & Friends should be amongst them. If not, go find Uno & friends in the store. The button "buy" will be changed into "update".

* Windows 8
Go to the store. Swipe right to trigger a menu. Click settings, app updates and press "check for updates".
Sweet; thanks!

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