WARNING - WP Achievements not synching again!

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Heads up people, seems like the same issue as last time.

Luckliy I saw it mentioned in a thread on TA before unlocking anything today.
seems to be synching again now. The two achievements I got last night are showing up everywhere. Still no luck getting the lock achievements from February to unlock.

Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
I saw a couple of people post that they had problems, but everything's still been working fine for me; unlocked one on Wednesday and 2 yesterday without any issues. I wonder if it matters what region you're in or something? I might hold off on any more for a bit just to be safe, since they never did fix the achievements that didn't sync last time for people.
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Yeah, seems ok now.

Thankfully it wasn't like last time. Here's hoping they have that covered so it doesn't happen again.

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