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Finished it the other day. I went in French for last question (dr Manhattan) and when I answered it, I got all the achies but the Characters one.... so I had to play it again answering only enough to unlock all levels and all characters before I finished the game.

There was an update a couple days ago that fixed pretty much all the problems. I didn't have the "level 4 unlocked" or the 25 letter aids unlock. I uninstalled and reinstalled, started all over, and a couple hours later had the game completed.
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
i played the entire game last night didn't have any issues didn't crash on me at all played everything in English even the Dr Manhattan that i saw people say wouldn't work on English worked just fine
Update must have worked than. Good for you guys who didn't have to struggle through the damn thing at first.

Add that to an easy completion list - less than an hour if it was bug free.

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