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Can someone try to load Microsoft Bingo from WP8? The game was working fine for me on Thursday and I am up to level 44/46 but I have been getting Server Connection Error since Friday. Microsoft Support says the server is fine.

Edit: On the Xbox Forums everyone is complaining about the game being down. So I'm going to guess that Xbox Support was simply wrong.
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I didn't have it installed on my WP 8 device; when I tried to get it to install I kept getting error code 8070020. Researching that only get's me a similar issue on 360 where you are supposed to clear your cache as a potential fix

I do have it on my WP 10 device (it used to be a WP 8.1 when I installed Bingo); that gives me "Server Connection Error".

So, I tried my Win 8.1 laptop and Bingo tells me that it's undergoing server maintenance right now.

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Thanks for helping check. The Microsoft Bingo Facebook account sent me a message on Monday that they were working on it and it was back up soon after.

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