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In World Gone Sour, you play as a Sour Patch Kid who was tossed into the trash and must escape the movie theatre to try and achieve every candy’s ultimate goal: reaching the human belly. Each level is a platformer style puzzle/maze packed full of dangers, enemies and fellow candy followers alike. Similar to the Lemmings game series, you can send followers to their deaths - except when you sacrifice a follower in World Gone Sour, he will respawn after 20 seconds or so.

The game itself is fairly simple. In fact, you can actually get half of the game’s achievements in the first two levels. Because the levels are fairly straight forward, I will mainly point out where to find followers, sacrifices and secrets.

There are several things to watch out for in each of the regular levels: secrets, stars (including a switch/button for red bonus stars), followers, and Sour Sacrifice locations. Each of these are worth points, which in turn are added to your overall campaign score either during or at the end of a level. There are also gummy candies throughout each of the regular levels, which add to the meter on the right hand side of your screen. When this meter is full, you are rewarded an additional life. These lives do not get reset when you exit the game, so it is possible to grind over 50 lives in the first level to complete the game with. I will only be pointing out the followers and Sour Sacrifices for you in the first two levels in order the help you unlock the score achievements.


There are five secrets in each of the non-boss levels. They are sometimes placed right out in the open and at other times are well hidden; you will need all 45 for the Packet Collector achievement to unlock.


The stars are usually extremely obvious, but don’t forget to explore every nook and cranny and every high ledge if you want to maximize your score. The regular levels also include a limited time bonus section of red stars that are worth more points than regular stars; you will need to hit a switch/button to make these stars appear. If you get them all, a large red bonus star will appear. If you die within the time limit of the red stars, they will all disappear.


Many of the followers are difficult (if not impossible) to miss. To find them all, just remember to look everywhere and to use your abilities to shrink, wall-jump, ground pound, etc. as necessary.

Sour Sacrifices:

There are 8 different types of sacrifices that will net you bonus points at the end of a regular level. You only need to get all eight in a level once for the “It’s a Sour life” achievement. The sacrifice types are: Sliced, Drowned, Exploded, Burnt, Flung, Melted, Skewered, and Squashed. Each of these are available at least once and often appear multiple times in regular levels.

Remember that you will also need a total of 1,000 follower sacrifices for the Grim Reaper achievement and, as I mentioned before, after a about 20 seconds all of your followers respawn, so don’t be afraid to roll and throw followers into enemies or traps and into those hard to reach stars, secrets, and gummies.

You will also want to absorb followers and grow whenever possible; this not only makes your attack stronger, but it also allows you to take extra hits without dying. However, it does sacrifice followers at the cost of your life and/or shrinks you down when you get hit, depending upon the situation.


LT / X = Grab / Grapple

RT = Throw follower

LB = Shrink

RB = Grow / Absorb followers

LS/D-Pad = Move

RS = Aim (for throwing followers)

A = Jump

A, A = Double Jump

A+LS/D-Pad into wall, A+LS/D-Pad = Wall Jump

A, Down = Ground Pound

B = Roll follower

B (hold) = Charged rolling follower (when you are fully grown, each roll is automatically fully charged)

Level 1

The first level is half tutorial and half actual gameplay. If you collect all five secrets, all 25 followers, and make all eight follower sacrifices in addition to collecting as many starts as you can find, you will easily have about 191,450 points (nearly 2/3 of the 300,000 point campaign score you need for the “Sugar Addict” achievement). Remember to take your time, because you do not have a time limit. As long as you do not die (and getting hit while you have absorbed followers does not count as a death, so remember to grow), you will get the “Candy Skillz” achievement at the end of this level.

Follower 1: Automatic; you cannot progress without getting this.

Followers 2-3: At the switch tutorial.

Followers 4-9: At the ground pound and grow tutorials area.

You will quickly reach the exit of the tutorial section, earning you:

Into the Light

Follower 10: After the cutscene, walk to the right.

Secret 1: Keep going forward until you need to jump onto a coffee cup and some candy boxes. It will be on the bottom right.

Follower 11: On top of a stack of purple cups, jump up and backwards from Secret 1.

Sour Sacrifice 1: Once you pass your first checkpoint you will see some stompers. Toss a follower into/under the stomper so that it squashes the follower.

Secret 2: Once you pass the stompers, jump on the trampoline and double jump so you can wall jump off the two boxes overhead. It will be floating on the left side.

Sour Sacrifice 2: After the trampoline you will see a mouse trap; toss a follower onto the trap to fling him.

Sour Sacrifice 3: After the wall jump tutorial, you will reach a section that has skewers between boxes. Toss a follower into the skewers.

Followers 12-13: After the first set of skewers, jump up and to the right.

Secret 3: Continue right from followers 12 and 13; there should be an extra life (green gummy) there for you to pick up. Drop down to the right and you can see a light coming through a hole in the wall; go through it and jump up to get the secret.

Followers 14-15: Just before the second skewers section, go left.

After the second skewers section, you will use a trampoline to get to an area that has three trampolines separated by skewers. If you jump from the left-most trampoline while moving towards the left and then double jump when at the highest point - you should be able to hit an invisible wall in the middle of the box above you. Use this invisible wall to wall jump, and then double jump and move left to get onto the box and continue left to find several yellow stars. It might be possible to jump high enough to get onto the box without wall jumping, but I never could.

Followers 16-18: Just after the area with the sets of trampolines and skewers, next to the checkpoint.

At this point, you run into a mini-boss. He is very simple to beat. When he runs by you, jump onto his head. Sometimes he will get his spear stuck in the wall; you can jump onto his head here as well. When he uses his spear as a pogo stick, avoid him by double jumping and wall jumping. If he does hit you, just absorb your followers and grow again for safety. Once you’ve hit him in the head three times, you can continue on.

Followers 19-20: After the mini-boss section.

Secret 4: After your fight with the mini boss, you will need to press a button to move forward in the next room - but before you move on, jump up and aim one of your followers at the secret and throw to get it.

Sour Sacrifice 4: When you reach the section with the party poppers, stop. You will see some black bombs floating up and down. Toss a follower into one of these to explode it.

Follower 21: After the party popper area, just to the right of the soda fountain.

Followers 22-23: On a platform to the right of breakable floor.

Secret 5: After you pass the soda machine, there will be three crawlers on three individual platforms - take them out while you move downwards and there should be some wood piles you can ground stomp. Go to the left one and move further left; it’s near the flashlight.

Sour Sacrifice 6: As you continue on, you will see two spinning fans with yellow stars floating between them. Toss a follower into one of the fans to slice him.

Follower 24: In the red star section; you can’t miss him.

Follower 25: On a platform with the red stars.

Sour Sacrifice 7: As you work your way to the end of the level, you will go through another party popper section. The last party popper will drop you off between two holes; one with a green smoke and one with flame. Toss a follower into the flame to burn him.

Sour Sacrifice 8: To the right of the flame is a stovetop burner. Toss a follower onto the burner to melt him and to earn:

It's a Sour life

Now continue to the end of the level, but just before jumping onto the round platform and ending the level, plug in your second controller for “co-op”. You will only need the second player long enough to jump onto the platform. You should get both of these:

I'm Alive!


If you managed to get through this level without dying, you will also get:

Candy Skillz

Level 2

Note that I only list 24 of 25 followers. That’s all I found, but it’s more than enough to get you to 300,000 points for your campaign score.

Followers 1-2: These two are just underneath the platform that you're on at the start of the level.

Sour Sacrifices 1-3: You will quickly come to a section where you must jump onto snack bags hanging on pegs over some spinning blades. You can get the Sliced, Exploded, and Skewered Sour Sacrifices in this section.

Secret 1: You will then jump down to where there’s a mouse trap and paper towels. Go through the roll of paper towels and it will be at the end of the tube.

Sour Sacrifice 4: To the right of the paper towels is a rat trap; use it to fling a follower.

Follower 3: This follower is standing right next to the rat trap.

Follower 4: You will come to a section where the light bulb enemies jump. At the end of this section, just past the checkpoint, is where you’ll find this follower.

Sour Sacrifice 5: You will find some fire where you can toss a follower for the Burnt Sour Sacrifice.

Followers 5-6: After jumping on some snack bags you can see an arrow pointing right and some wood you can ground pound in the middle. Go right to pick up the two followers.

Secret 2: Go back, grow, and then ground pound the wood. You will fall into a party popper and it will launch you up on some boxes. The secret will be floating on the far right.

Followers 7-9: These followers will be above the button.

Sour Sacrifices 6-7: You will reach a checkpoint with a trampoline and some stompers. Use the trampoline to get yourself to the area above, and toss a follower to pick up the gummies and onto the burner for the Melted Sour Sacrifice. Go back down and toss a follower under a stomper for the Squashed Sour Sacrifice.

Secret 3: Go past the two stompers and reach the next checkpoint. Fall down to the arrow and go left under the slide should be some gummies, a life, and this Secret.

Sour Sacrifice 8: Continue on until you see a walking battery. Toss followers at him. One of the followers will likely go past him and into the puddle for the Drowned Sour Sacrifice.

Followers 10-11: After the walking battery, there will be some trampolines. You will find these followers here.

Secret 4: When you first enter the freezer go left and grapple hook across or throw a follower to get the secret.

Followers 12-13: Continue through the freezer and you will reach a couple of ice cream cones that you must jump on. These followers are next to one of the cones.

Follower 14: Immediately after you pass the section with the jumping light bulbs.

Follower 15: After the checkpoint, you will wall jump up. The follower is on the left.

You’ll come across a button on the floor; jump on it and then wall jump up to collect the small red stars. If necessary, toss followers to get them all so that the large red star will appear.

Followers 16-18: After the red star area, you’ll come across a section where you will go back and forth across the screen to make your way up and past walking batteries. You will find each of these followers, in turn, as you progress higher.

Follower 19: Just after you pass the box of “Fat Mama Sugar Cones” there will be a room with two grapple hooks. You’ll find this follower here.

Follower 20: At the end of this area will be a party popper. Underneath is the follower.

Followers 21-23: These are found right where the party poppers launch you.

Follower 24: You’ll reach a freezer full of ice cream with a trampoline in it. The follower is next to the trampoline. Stay out of the green ice cream, as there are skewers hidden inside of it.

Secret 5: When you get to the checkpoint, you should see the secret floating in the air above the launch cup. Double jump into the cup and it will launch you straight into it.

Sugar Addict

Level 3

Note: from here on out, I will no longer point out the Sour Sacrifices or Followers as you no longer need either for achievements.

1. At the start of the level, wall jump above the arrow. The secret will be floating in the middle.

2. When you get to the checkpoint with the second soda machine, stand on the overturned cups between the second and third stompers and wall jump on the soda dispensers so that you can jump on top of them. The secret is on the left-most dispenser, the "HILLBILLY XXX COLA".

3. You’ll reach some party poppers. Once you’ve landed, walk to the left of the box you land on - be careful not to walk into the liquid. Toss a follower over into the secret.

4. After the next checkpoint, there will be a Grapple hook over a mop bucket. Throw a follower to get the secret.

5. Just past the grills is a checkpoint where there are bottles of mustard and ketchup; it’s inside the coffee cup.

Level 4

Ah, the first boss level. Absorb the followers at the start of the level and jump into the party popper. When the fight starts with Semi-Squished, avoid the shoe by jumping over it. If you get hit, simply absorb your followers again. He will spit out three crawlers. They are easily dispatched; I suggest sacrificing followers towards your 1,000 sacrifices. He will next drop spots of gum. Make sure to avoid these as he will charge you. When he does charge, he’ll be kind enough to clean up his mess. When he stops, Semi-Squished will pop up out of the shoe. Hit him with a follower.

This process will repeat twice. The crawlers will upgrade for each cycle; i.e. bottle cap crawlers, and then spiked crawlers.

If the Shoe Fits...

Level 5

1. As soon as the level starts you will grapple hook across a waffle iron. Go past the secret to the bridge; between the bridges is a gap you can fall down go left and jump into the cup.

2. You will get to a part where there is a toy monkey in the background and a button above a candle. Hit the button to open the door and jump to the left area. Now double jump up and it’s on the stack of books.

3. When you get to the checkpoint with slides and fans at the bottom, you’ll see it floating over spikes on the ground. Toss a follower at it.

4. Not that far from #3, you will get to a place where there is a TV making a lot of noise. Go past the checkpoint and hop in the party popper. To the left is a hamster cage. Wall jump through the hole onto the right side of the TV.

5. Towards the end you will get to a part where you need to slide on three different sliders to avoid grease. When you get to the red star button, go all the way to the top and to the left for the last secret.

Level 6

1. At the start of the level, go left and wall jump up; it's to the left.

2. As you continue right, you’ll see Grapple hooks and party poppers; what you do is jump down and grapple swing to it.

3. This one is close by as well, you will get to a part where you fall down and need to slide to avoid the spikes. At the end of the slide is a big fan; jump over it and go left under some blocks.

4. After the mini boss fight, where you have to ground pound, you will land see an arrow pointing right. Before moving on, you will need to double jump and wall jump onto the book above the stompers to collect this secret.

5. When you get to the room with the button on the ceiling (there will also be clams and stompers in this room), there is a trampoline at the far right of the room. Jump to the left and go under the books, shrink, and go to the left where you will see a hamster cage with a life in it; above the hamster cage is the secret.

Level 7

1. When you get to the room where there's a whole bunch of stars in it, you’ll need to throw three followers onto the switch. When the bridge falls, you will wall jump over the mouse trap up to the floating secret.

2. You will come to a jewellery box with a party popper over it. Shrink and drop down by the wall on the right and it’s underneath the jewellery box.

3. After the red star section is a trampoline and a party popper. When you jump on the trampoline, make sure you stick to the right side because the left will bring you up to the next area. Do a charge attack and double jump up.

4. You will get to a checkpoint where you can see a toy monkey is clapping on the right and a wood pile for you to break. Break through the wood and fall to the left there will be toy blocks, go there and to the far left it will be floating.

5. Right at the end of the level, jump over the finish button and it will be there floating with a gold star.

Level 8

For this boss level, you must go up against a baby doll named Dolly-Doll. Avoid the marbles that she throws at you. When the drawers open, jump into them and use them to jump over the doll. Press X to grab her pull-string when prompted and then spam A until the doll cries; she then goes into the background. Make sure to avoid the toy cars that she throws at you. Rinse and repeat. From time to time, she may jump around, just run underneath her to avoid getting stomped.


Level 9

1. When the level starts, jump into the party popper and when you get to the top there should be an arrow pointing right. Go back and double jump up to the higher party popper and it will launch you into the secret.

2. You can’t miss this secret; after the set of four stomping mallets, there is a trampoline. Jump down onto the crawler and you will see two more stomping mallets. Wait until they go up and double jump up to the right.

3. After the red star section is a checkpoint that has two jars and a jumping dust bunny. Shrink, jump onto the first jar, jump through the handle into the upside down crate on the left. The secret will be floating around with gummies.

4. Just after collecting #3, you will find yourself in front of three stomping mallets. Underneath the first mallet there is a grapple hook (under the wooden platform). Jump down and grapple on it and swing towards the secret near the launch cup.

5. Right at the end, jump over the S button and go right (the screen will scroll with you), fall into the cup and the cup will shoot you towards it.

Level 10

1. Right at the beginning of the level, after your flip the switch with your followers, a bridge will fall down - jump over it. There will be grapple hooks above so you will need to double jump up, grapple to the left and wall jump off the buckets - you will land on a platform filled with stars, double jump to the right and it will be floating there.

2. There are two ways to get this: one way is from the checkpoint by jumping between the two saws and wall jumping up to the top of the hamster cage, then double jump to the left and grapple hook across to the bottles and it will be floating there. Another way is from the checkpoint, double jump towards the box on the left and wall jump off it to the right and grapple hook across.

3. You will get to a checkpoint where there are two trampolines; jump off of them and when you get to the top, there will be jars with dust bunnies and a dynamite bird. After killing them you will see the next checkpoint. Before crossing it, hop onto the last jar and jump up to the right where the cinder block is. Go through it and there will be a bunch of gummies, double jump on top of the cinder block and it will be there floating.

4. You will get to a checkpoint where there is a green button on the ceiling with jumping light bulbs popping out from the ground. Underneath the checkpoint is where the secret is, so you will need to jump between the first and second light bulb and wait until the first light bulb comes out and run under it to grab the secret.

5. You will get to a checkpoint where there is a jumping light bulb popping out of the ground and two spiked headed minions. Just a bit ahead there will be a grapple hook and a cup, ignore that for now and just double jump to the right. It will be surrounded by the green gummies.

Level 11

1. You will get to a checkpoint where there are two saws and a trampoline, jump on the trampoline and jump over the left saw.

2. You will get to a checkpoint where there are floating trampolines, when you get to the third one there will be two moving saws, jump to the fourth trampoline get a good jump off it and double jump to the left onto the box.

3. You will get to a checkpoint where there is a big giant saw behind you. You don't have much time because the blade starts moving towards you, as soon as it starts chasing you a little bit up ahead there will be some bombs surround a secret. Throw a bunch of minions at it and you should get it.

4. At the checkpoint in the fridge, there will be a spiked headed minion and a battery attacking you. Kill them and near the left near the bun meat you can fall down and go right into the bottle for the secret.

5. This will be the last and final secret. After sliding down and passing the checkpoint, you will see fire on the ground. You will need to double jump up to the next platform to the top right, go along until you see two trampolines and a stomper and cross over to the next trampoline and jump up to the next checkpoint. Look left from where the stomper is and double jump on top of the wood, then double jump to the next pile of wood this will be your last and final secret.

Packet Collector

Level 12

Your next boss fight is a jack-o-lantern called Pump Kind. For the first stage of this fight you need to avoid his spit. When he ground pounds, he also shoots fire or lasers from his eyes. Jump over these shots. Avoid him until the target appears, and then throw a follower at the deranged sour patch kid driving the jack-o-lantern.

In the second phase, you’ll need to avoid Pump Kind’s puke. Continue avoiding the shots, and toss another follower when the target mark appears again.

For the third and final stage, Pump Kind becomes a whirling dervish of death; avoid him and then run under him to get him to drop. Just like before avoid the shots from his eyes when he drops, and toss a follower at the target when it appears.

Eviction Notice

Level 13

For your final battle, you’ll need to jump over the tank and avoid its shots. While the tank is in the background, the buttons on either side of the screen will light up. Throw a follower into the button that corresponds to the platform the tank is driving over to throw/flip the tank, and then hit the tank driver. He will then destroy one of the bridges in the foreground that protected you from some skewers. Rinse and Repeat to complete the game.


If you haven’t gotten Grim Reaper yet, replay any of the regular levels and sacrifice followers until you get it.

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