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It think I my career mode you should be able to start of in a tag team or some people would like to be able to start the career mode as a female wrestler and i think that ever superstar in NXT should be in wwe 2k17 what do you think ?
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Go for tag team belts first to start as tag team.

WWE has put more focus on women so could happen in 2K17.

Not every NXT wrestler will be in it as not every main roster talent is on it.
WWE 2K16 to WWE 2K17 I am wanting to give some ideas for WWE 2K18 would like being able to use two of your own custom superstars in a tag team in your my career mode to win the tag team championships in my career mode and add to nxt tag team championships to the championships you can win in my career mode and to give the players the option to injure another superstar in my career mode and universe mode what do you think ?
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