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In my career mode for wwe 2k17 it would be great if you could start of as a tag of two custom superstars or even be able to do you career mode a diva and win the divas championship and i would like to be able to be win two championships like you could be the intercontinental champion and then win a title or title match and win the wwe would heavyweight champion or the United States champion or even be a singles champion then win the tag team championship and to be able to injury over superstars on purpose or your own custom superstar getting injured in a match give comments on what you want to see in wwe 2k17 my career mode thank you TimeWatcher1997.
There's a WWE 2K17 forum you know.

Local Co-op for tag titles could work but not as single player.

Theres is no divas championship anymore and they aren't called divas.

I never understood why you had to vacate a title in order to qualify for new belt. It's like you started a new weight in UFC haha.

Injuries could play into it with not being able to defend the titles every 30 days could be a good feature.

Regardless I just after over 15years of WWE games to have smooth introductions.

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