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With over 100 titles in the Xbox Live Arcade, which of them are your favorites? I'll include my favorite XBLA games a little later on. For now, it's about you. So tell us, damnit. Smile
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the ones i purchased, really. I've always had fun with Uno, and i knew i wanted Geometry Wars and Lumines as soon as i could get them. i was surprised to see Super Puzzle Fighter up there as well, but i didn't pick it up because i still have the original Playstation version somewhere.
of course, free ones like Undertow and Carcassonne were fun for a while as well.
Streets of Rage 2! that's one of my all-time favorites Smile, but otherwise Arcade games bore me half to death.
I have a several that I like but Geometry Wars is by far my favorite. Worms was fun for awhile and Street Fighter 2 had me feeling crazy nostalgic. I think Vigilante 8 will be a fun addition to the XBLA. That is, whenever they plan on releasing it. It was rumored to be released back in the Spring.
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Mega Man 9 is coming to XBLA too, so that will likely be my next purchase.
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Well it was not always an XBLA game but i have to say my fav is beyond good & Evil HD loved playing it on PS2 and still love playing it on XBLA

even throw the last post was from 08 i say this topic can still live on.
The firts Zombie Apocalypse is the funniest game for me at the moment.
Mine has to be Limbo, Sonic the hedgehog 2, streets of rage 2 and minecraft is fairly gud to chill out to also.

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