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Are you excited about Titanfall 2

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× 15 (45.45%) Yes and I am looking forward to a single player campaign

× 1 (3.03%) Yes, but I don't care much for the single player news

× 0 (0%) I need to see some footage before I make up my mind

× 5 (15.15%) Interesting, I might check it out

× 12 (36.36%) Nope, It's not my cup of tea

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I just made a recent blog post on TA, figured I would share it here also:

I recently completed the last few non zero point achievements I had in the game. This brings my total gamerscore for the game to 2000. I am now working through Gen 9 on my pilot regen for the last two zero point achievements. As I work on the final goal requirements for the game I started reminiscing about how good of a game Titanfall really is. Mind you there have been plenty of bullshit situations where I have died and the replay clearly shows that was not the case (which happens in most if not all multiplayer matches). That aside Titanfall has been a great game. For me specifically, it killed and replaced Halo as my go to competitive multiplier fix.

Because of my backlog I was never much of a CoD fan other then the single player campaigns. Since many of their early CoD games did not have any online achievements I did not venture into online play. So when the CoD producers and Activision split happened it was barely on my radar. I did not know much about it, but I am SO glad that they took the plunge, started a new company, and brought everyone Titanfall. Going through all that adversity and naming the company Respawn just meant that they were destined for greatness.

From the start I though the idea of the game was going to be fantastic. The gaming convention reveals of the game where awesome. Pilots boosting off walls, Titan ejections, and shields that caught bullets! I could go on and on about how great the demoes were. There have been other big robot combat games like Chromehounds, but Respawn took it to a new level making them extremely cool. The Titans move with grace, pack a punch (literally), and the pilot/Titan interaction is so well done. Jumping into the Titan and having every part of the inside be a screen shows how sophisticated and well thought out the developers are.

I am immersed in the game when I play in a titan or roam about as a pilot. It's because of the game dynamics, they work so well. Each Titan can be unique with the ability to customize it to your play style. The pilot regeneration forces you to use weapons and gear in a way you might not have if you were left to your own devices. My favorite part of the entire game has to be crushing other Titans with your Titan as it drops into the combat zone. This level of creativity and dedication to creating a great game is what has set it apart from other games. Every game has DLC which can be expense, annoying that it was not already part of the game, and a yet needed in this type of game when you want to freshen gameplay with new maps. A year after launching Titanfall, Respawn gave away all the DLC to everyone who did not buy it. Bungie this is where you need to take note! That is love.

What I would really like to see in Titanfall 2 would be a kick ass single player story and not just another multiplayer only title. I gave Respawn a pass for the ingame campaign they put together because they were a start up company that was building a brand new property from the ground up. That can be a huge undertaking with a lot of risk. Even though the campaign was lacking, the rest of the game more then made up for it. The risk has paid off. As I write this it has been announced that Titanfall 2 will indeed have a single player campaign and there may even be a TV show. That is great news, as bringing this world to life and giving it a backstory would give the game even more depth. The best words of encouragement I can give these guys would be don't break what worked in the multiplayer. Improve on what you have, although the game is solid to begin with I personally can't think of any significant improvements that are needed. It's up Respawn who will be eating drinking and sleeping Titanfall for the next year or so to wow us again. I have faith that they can deliver another great game. In the mean time I will be finishing up the last two achievements on the xbox 360 and then I will be buying the game again for the Xbox One to keep me occupied until Titanfall 2 drops.
I have yet to even touch this game yet I own both versions. When you get it for the one let me know I'd love to get into it with someone who knows what they're doing.
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I have yet to even touch this game yet I own both versions. When you get it for the one let me know I'd love to get into it with someone who knows what they're doing.
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Your more then welcomed to join in the fun, but keep in mind I would actually be playing verses doing any boosting.
The multi-player only aspect really bothered me, even a short solo campaign would have been something but star wars battlefront just did the same. They have an interesting premise that would make a good story campaign. I would add customization to the mechs i.e. building from a frame a more stealth mech, heavy so on I guess it's because I had a d&d rpg that was mechs and all the different types for situations that would add not just to solo but setting up multi player matches who's using what mech.
Just glad 2 will have solo.
I'm not normally big into MP but they executed this game almost to perfection and it was definitely my favorite experience on the X1 so far.
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A single or coop campaign was what was missing for me in Titanfall. If a plarable plot is included, I will get the game sooner than bargain bin for sure.

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